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Recovering Yiddish Culture in Los Angeles

Caroline Luce, Author

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A. Soyfer: Los Angeles and the Yiddish book, Pt. 3

"Los Angeles and the Yiddish Book" by A. Soyfer 
As appears in Khesbn (The Reckoning), vol. 1 (1946): 37- 43.
Translated by Mark L. Smith.

Alphabetical list of books published in Los Angeles, 1916–1945 (cont.)

11. Y. Vaynshtok [Y. Weinstock]. Lider zamlung [Song Collection]. Music to the texts of modern Yiddish Poets. Published by the Vaynshtok Music Publishing Co., 1942.

12. Shrife Vays [Shifra Weiss]. Lider [Poems]. Z. Weinper Reading Circle of YKUF with a group of friends. 120 pp., 1943.

13. Khaver Paver [Gershon Einbinder]. Tsen landslayt [Ten Countrymen]. Novel. Published by the Khaver Paver Book Committee on the Initiative of the YKUF Reading Circle. 320 pp., 1942.

—— Lebns oyf der vogshol: bilder fun gerikht [Lives in the Balance: Scenes from Court]. Published by International Workers Order. 224 pp., 1944.

14. Yankev Lanin [Jacob Lanin]. Di ershte frukht [The First Fruit]. Poems. Published by the author. 96 pp., 1916.

15. V. Lasman [W. Lossman]. Troymen un fantazyes [Dreams and Fantasies]. Poems. Published by his wife after his death. 56 pp., 1918.

16. Prof. P. Lamkov [Paul Lamkoff]. Muzik tsu tsen idishe lider fun moderne dikhter [Music to Ten Yiddish Poems by Modern Poets]. Also with English translation of the poems. Author. 1935.

17. L. Mattes [Mattes Luniansky]. Der vayser prints fun der vayser plag [The White Prince of the White Plague]. Poems. Palm Publishers. 64 pp., 1927.

—— A yidishe tragedye [A Yiddish/Jewish Tragedy]. Drama in 5 acts. Palm. 48 pp., 1927.

—— Studyo [Studio]. Poems. Palm. 128 pp., 1928.

—— In karahod [In the Circle]. Children’s poems. Palm. 96 pp., 1929.

—— Vayse trit [White Steps]. Poems. Published posthumously. 194 pp., 1932.

18. Y. L. Malamut. Amol iz geven a meylekh [There Once Was a King]. Short stories. Sunland Publishers. 16 pp., 1925.

—— Taybelekh [Little Doves]. Short story. 16 pp., 1925.

19. Sh. Miller. Bleter faln [Leaves Falling]. Stories. Published by the author. 306 pp., 1926.

—— Di shmalts-grub [Sought-After Riches]. Published by the Culture Society, Los Angeles [B. Kletskin Publishers, Vilna, Poland], 416 pp., 1933.

—— A bliask oyf tog [A Glare by Day]. Stories. Kletskin Publishers [Vilna, Poland]. 275 pp., 1935.

—— Motivn [Motifs]. Stories. Culture Society. 288 pp., 1940.

—— Royt un shvarts [Red and Black]. Stories. Sh. Miller Book Committee. 320 pp., 1945.

20. Roza Nevadovska [Rosa Nevodovska]. Azoy vi ikh bin [As I Am]. Poems. Roza Nevadovska Book Committee. 160 pp., 1936.

21. Leah Kapilovitsh Hofman [Leah Kapelovitch Hoffman]. Mon blumen: kinder in ferzn [Poppy Flowers: Children in Verse]. Poems. Published by Orden School Reading Circles of Detroit. Printed in Los Angeles. [112 pp.], 1941.

22. Khayim Kotilyanski. Folks-gezanen loytn nusokh kyayim kotilyanski [Folksongs as Interpreted by Chaim Kotylanski]. Published by Khayim Kotilyanski Book Committee, together with the Folks farlag of YKUF. 1944.

23. Brokhe Kudli [Broche Coodley]. Uzorn [Patterns]. Poems. Published by a group of friends. 64 pp., 1931.

24. Yoysef Kutsenogi [Joseph Katzenogy]. Sholem Aleykhems taytch-vertlakh [Sholem Aleichem’s Yiddish Translations of Biblical Sayings]. Pocket Library. 32 pp., 1924 or 1925.

—— Kveytlakh [Little Flowers]. Miniatures. Pocket Library. 28 pp., 1924 or 1925.

25. A. Kimelfeld. Mayn militer-dienst in rusland: a tog bukh fun a yidishen soldat [My Military Service in Russia: A diary of a Jewish Soldier]. 132 pp., 1916.

26. Moris Rodzsher [Morris Rodger]. Di gayst fun der tsayt [The Spirit of the Times]. Drama in three acts. Khaver Publishers. 96 pp., 1927.

27. H. Royzenblat [H. Rosenblatt]. Bloye flamen [Blue Flames]. Poems. Published by a group of friends. 160 pp., 1925.

—— Hrudes [Clods of Earth]. Poem. Culture Society. 152 pp., 1930.

—— Leym [Clay]. Poem [continuation of Hrudes]. Culture Society. 136 pp., 1935.

—— Bebzik, dos lebn fun a idish ingl [Bebzik, the life of a Jewish boy]. Poems. Published by the Central Committee of the Yidish folk shuln [elementary schools], N.Y (with the help of Los Angeles). 160 pp., 1940.

—— Odems kinder [Adam’s Children]. Poems. Published by H. Royzenblat Book Committee. 128 pp., 1944.

—— Mayn likhtike nesiye. [My Illustrious Journey]. Poems. Published by H. Royzenblat Book Committee. 170 pp., 1944.

28. Lamed Shapiro. Der shrayber geyt in kheyder [The Writer Goes to School]. Essays. Farlag Aleyn [self publishers]. 28 pp., 1945.

29. Khayim Shvarts [Chaim Schwartz]. Der groyser gerangl [The Great Struggle]. Poems. Published by the City Committee of International Workers Order. 122 pp., 1943.

30. Maks Sherman [Max Sherman]. Lider [Poems]. Maks Sherman Writing Committee. 148 pp., 1934.

In total — thirty writers, twenty-eight books of poetry, twenty-three of prose, and three music books with music to folksongs and [works of] modern Yiddish poets.
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