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Iranian Jewish Life in Los Angeles: Past and Present

Saba Soomekh, Author

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Michael Broukhim: From Political Media to FabFitFun

Michael Broukhim began to find success when he landed a life-changing opportunity to do political media consulting with one of his best friends in college. Rudy Giuliani was running for President and he wanted to hire some young staff members to help him manage his campaign online. Mr. Broukhim was hired to help his campaign build a website; he was also in charge of the digital media strategy. Giuliani was his first client, and as Broukhim explains in an interview with UCLA students, he was very lucky to gain the business of a high-profile client right from the start. Michael picked up many other political candidates in the first year or two of his business. However, Michael was in Boston and New York at the time, and he wanted to return to Los Angeles to show his work to people there. Michael remembers that one of the people he met in Los Angeles commented, “Politics is Hollywood for ugly people. If you can do this stuff for politicians, you can do this stuff for celebrities and entertainment folks." He was introduced to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, who saw the projects Broukhim and his best friend were doing in politics. She and her husband, Roger, took a successful gamble by trusting them to build something for her. They were very successful, and Zoe and her husband were followed by many other clients. The Golden Globes was specifically referred to them by one of Roger’s friends, who had seen what they did with the Zoe report. He asked Roger who was behind it, and they got the introduction. The Golden Globe Awards and the American Music Awards allowed them to build a very reputable portfolio. They became very well-known through word of mouth. They were creating online digital strategies, building websites, and doing media work during this time. 

A year after working with Rachel Zoe, Michael Broukhim and his brother Daniel Broukhim started FabFitFun as a side project. It was an experiment for them; they decided to see what they could do with their own media property. Fortunately, it was yet another success and it grew to the point where they stopped doing client work. In 2010, the Broukhim brothers, along with Katie Ann Rosen, launched FabFitFun as a brand. There were no boxes at that time. They were purely producing content in beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness. They partnered with Giuliana Rancic as a spokesperson and ran FabFitFun as a media business for 2 to 3 years. In March of 2013 they launched the box. They examined the landscape and decided that they did not want to be solely a media brand. They saw exciting things happening in ecommerce and thought they had a better approach for it. Michael was in graduate school, and his brother Daniel was the one who actually launched the first boxes. For the initial run, they had a sizable audience and had a few hundred thousand people on an email list. Moreover, when they launched the boxes, they had to take a risk and hope that they would sell 2,000 boxes. They ordered 2000 boxes with products and it was a success. FabFitFun had 200,000 subscribers as of Fall 2016, and that number has increased tremendously since.

FabFitFun has over two hundred employees located in Los Angeles, California as well as some working overseas in the Philippines. In order to help market their brand, FabFitFun uses strategies such as contacting individuals through email or using social media as a tool to gain their users interests. FabFitFun displays content on social media that is constantly reinforcing what their brand stands for which is trying new things, making new discoveries, having new experiences, and speaking in regards to how to use the products that are sent out. They also use a strategy called “influencers” with the help of celebrities and social media experts. Celebrities unbox their FabFitFun box on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat in order to market the subscription company and also to introduce the hot new products within the box for the first time. When you initially sign up, they ask you to take a survey to make sure that future boxes meet your liking and fit your needs whether it be the right skin tone or it be between workout video or beauty supplies. If you liked a previous item or brand from another season’s box, you can add it onto your next box. They also have an editor's box with the favorites of the year for purchase as well. 

FabFitFun has made a gateway for women to discover and experience new things through the touch of a subscription. The beauty and fashion industry can be very overwhelming, so when services that help consumers find the best products fitting their needs are very beneficial. This subscription company has also had an impact for Iranian Jews like the co-founders. They have demonstrated that they can make this type of impact and be successful by taking a risk with a business that is not the ordinary service. Now many other Iranian Jews can follow in their footsteps and create something that is of lasting benefit to the community.
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