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Interactive timeline: Robert Bechtle artwork locations

This graphic catalogues many of the locations Bechtle has depicted, including numerous images of the San Francisco Bay Area and a number of others scattered across the stateThe locations generally follow the artist's own place of residence (the East Bay early on his career, San Francisco from the 1980s onward), but also maintain geographic diversity – the timeline cannot be distilled into a simple progression from suburb to city. Rather, his movements evidence a continued interest in a variety of residential locales with similar architectural patterns or spatial configurations.

The timeline can be viewed in two ways. Pressing the 'play' button charts the locations chronologically. (The blue location circles increase in diameter as the number of paintings depicting that location increases; tallies for each location per year are displayed in the box on the upper right.) The slider bar at the bottom of the page can also be adjusted to show the artwork locations within a specific date range.

The majority of Bechtle's works picture the Bay Area; additional locations in greater northern California and southern California can be viewed by using the hand cursor to adjust the map view.

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