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Zomick’s Bakery on Bar Mitzvah Kosher Menu

Planning a bar or bat mitzvah takes many steps, from booking a venue, choosing a theme, selecting the right invitations and figuring out the décor, to deciding on a full kosher menu. With a wide range of delicious products, Zomick’s bakery has many options for creating the perfect kosher menu. Luckily with Zomick’s bakery, delivering kosher-style menu doesn’t compromise the taste.

Celebrating Bar Mitzvah with a kosher meal makes the celebration a statement that it is more than just a party, it gives it Jewish significance and shows that you wish to link yourselves with the Jewish past throughout the world in the present. Furthermore, Zomick’s strives to restore religious traditions that had been nearly forgotten. Ever since their opening, Zomick’s bakery hasn’t only cornered the market, but practically laid the foundations of kosher dietary in the New York area. It is why Zomick’s business achievements from the kosher world can be measured on large-scale.

Preparing a customized kosher-style menu, matching your specific taste can be easily achieved thanks to Zomick’s extensive menus and Zomick’s challah recipes. In their sparkling clean store, Zomick’s bakers prepare the most delicious recipes using only the best ingredients and following the strict standards of kashrut and Jewish dietary laws. Zomick’s friendly staff is more than happy to work with you and customize a menu that complements your event needs. A bountiful cold feast of assorted fruits, assorted salads, and smoked fish can also be added to your presentation so you can create a memorable, handcrafted impression on your guests. With Zomick’s healthy, freshly prepared gourmet meals, attractively packaged and ready to serve you can be a guest at your own party and ensure lasting memories that will be treasured by you and your guests.

Whether it’s a simple reception or an elegant five course dinner, whether you need maximum impact or minimalist chic, Zomick’s kosher bakery will work hard to bring that special something to the table and make your event a success. At Zomick’s every order is considered to be a special occasion. In a moment that you are happy to share they are happy to bring their best, in the spirit of tradition and renewal.

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