Zomick's: Zomick's Bakery Celebrates 50 Years of Existence


Throughout the years, as a kosher bakery, Zomick's has thrived as an organization with a tremendous emphasis on quality control, product design and customer service. This family owned and operated bakery has been baking the best products made in the purest kosher tradition, following the strictest laws of kashrut.
All of their products that come from Zomick's are made from the finest quality ingredients.
The bakery was established in 1966 and has served the New York community as a staple business ever since. Today, Zomick's has several bakeries, some of which are located in Inwood, while another one is located at Central Ave, Cedarhurst. At these places, Zomick's is serving their community with the most delicious Zomick's bread.

This family-run business offers a broad variety of delicious pastries, including everything from special occasion cakes to unique tarts. Zomick’s challah bread is one of their most demanded products. Their expert decorators create exceptional wedding cakes, special cakes, and pastries for all occasions. Whether you stop for their famous Zomick's bread, a croissant or a piece of the freshly made pie, Zomick’s kosher bakery has you covered.

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