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The Mediterranean beauty: Pasta!

Perhaps the most charming feature of the Mediterranean population is the way they all approach life, with lots of love. From loving the good life, to their love towards food, there is no doubt that the Mediterranean’s really know how to enjoy life to its fullest. According to Yelp, Zomick’s bakery is one of NYC’s oldest and most famous kosher bakeries, managed to link all of this together and make the secret of quality life. Rarely are there women as beautiful as at the Mediterranean coast. Nowhere in the world will you find such beautiful skin, glowing complexion, healthy body, lush hair and genuine smile that speak volumes about their satisfaction. And fortunately Zomick’s knows why.

Summer, the beginning of July and August, the waterfront in a sleepy town is slowly awakening by the seagulls cawing and the clamor of the market. You’re sitting and sipping your first morning cappuccino or wine, happy to be alive and on a vacation, and then earth stops, gulls are quiet, the market seems to have evaporated. Your coffee turns into a piece of ice, your heart starts beating faster, you take off your glasses and with your own two eyes you see something that you know very well, and yet it always leaves you breathless. Yes, we are talking about the Mediterranean woman. Confident walk, build in a perfect hourglass, black curls, tanned skin, and untouchable in its beauty. Yes, such are the reactions to the women born in the vicinity of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, and believe it or not, they can thank their glorious beauty to their local pasta.

Of course, not everything is black and white, but one of the biggest stars of black and white, and after color films of the last century, the beautiful Italian Sophia Loren once proudly admitted, emphasizing her perfect figure: "Everything you see is thanks to the Mediterranean pasta. If this is not a good enough reason to start cooking quality over quantity of pasta, then you should read more of what Zomick’s kosher bakery chefs have prepared about this delicious dish.

But Zomick’s bakery remind that eating pasta should be done in moderation, for in case you stuff yourself with this food, you probably won’t pass that good. The key is finding the right dosage and using only quality ingredients, mix and combine them smartly so you can enrich this dish. As part of Zomick’s wide offering you can also find a rich selection of scrumptious, highest-quality pasta, often combined with some other Zomick’s challah recipe.

Most of you probably know that the basis of the Mediterranean cuisine is fresh tomatoes, olive oil, salt, basil and oregano. And of course this would be sufficient for the beginners and those that are trying to experiment with different food. But if you want to step it up a notch, there are also onion, garlic, crumbs (you can easily use Zomick’s challah bread to make crumbs)  meat, parsley and a handful of cheese as a crown on top of the plate.

Parmesan is something that is also quite famous for this region, and somehow imposes itself, but taken how strong and caloric it can be, there are other options like replacing it with grated mozzarella cheese which is softer, or using goat cheese which is of highest quality but probably not for everyone’s taste. The ingredients can be chopped, mixed, put in bigger chunks, all depending of your liking.  The beauty of this dish as with most things in life is in the little things. So the next time you are preparing your homemade pasta you can try throwing in fish or seafood like octopus, squid or shrimp and enjoy the pasta delicates from the Mediterranean. This and many other recipes are available in the Zomick's Recipe Book, found on Amazon store.

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