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Here i am going to mention about Violationinfo @ www.violationinfo.com. To be precise Violation Info is one of the ticket processing service by American Traffic Solutions. By using this service, drivers who received tickets for exceeding the maximum speed limit, Red light violations and illegally passing a school bus etc can pay online using their credit or debit cards.

How to view Violationinfo

  • Violations can be viewed on the official website at www.violationInfo.com
  • Photos and videos can be viewed Entering Notice number and pin number issued to the violator in the red box of violation notice.
  • Within the time limit of 60 days fine needs to be get paid.

How to pay  for violation tickets at www.violationinfo.com

  • ONLINE:  To pay online visit the website-www.violatioInfo.com - enter notice number and pin number shown in the red box on the front right of the violation notice. Click pay button and proced with payment
  • MAIL: There is also facility to pay the tickets through Mail. All you need to do is mail your money order or check in an envelope enclosing the notice received. Make sure to mention the Notice number which will be on the front of your Notice on the face of payment. You should not MAIL cash. Cash payments will not be accepted.  Make sure your payments are received atleast 10 days before the due date mentioned on the notice  to avoid late penalities.
    In some cases, there will be an option to pay the fine in person. One should check the payment section of the received notice to see if they are given the option to pay in person.

How to request a hearing 

One can request a hearing by following the instructions on the notice of  violation. After a  request for hearing is made, you will get to know the date, time and location of your scheduled hearing by mail. If you didnt recieve any such information, you can call the court or local issuing authority to verify the hearing request was received and obtain the date, time and location of hearing


 An Affidavit of Non-Responsibility can be submitted if the violators vehicle was sold or stolen or it was in a care, custody or control of other person. The Affidavit must be notarized. Affidavit of Non-Responsibility can be obtain by visiting www.violationInfo.com. Affidavit must be filled out accurately and in its entirety and presented to the court at the time of hearing. 
Visit www.violationInfo.com to view information about Notice of Infraction by entering Notice number and PIN number which will be found on the front of Warning or Notice of Infraction in the upper right corner, inside the red box.


Failure to pay the civil penalty, request a hearing or to contest liability prior to the due date on the Notice of Violations will result in additional late fee, summons to appear in court, delinquent notice with further instructions and vehicle registration can be withheld

Violationinfo customer service phone number

You can make a call to 1-866-790-4111 for assistance from a customer service agent.
For more information and frequent aske questions regarding violationinfo, you can check here

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