Why should the window of the building be double-edged

Why should the window of the building be double-edged

When talking about home maintenance, there are many points and details that, in some cases, do not give rise to any kind of neglect, but they should not be considered as windows.

They are the eyes of the house, and with their help they can maintain the connection between the space inside and outside the house. So, you need to be very careful about maintaining your eyes.

There are, of course, a few points about windows that can be troublesome during renovation and renovation, so be sure to check them thoroughly before moving around and replacing the windows. Here are some indications that if you see them, you should consider replacing the new window.

1 Broken, cracked, curved and curved glass

It may be difficult to detect fractures or to leave the glass, but it is more difficult to detect the curvature and glare of the glass. If you have closely examined a glass cup, you'll find out how flat it is. Shimmering glasses do not look flat, but are more like an uncleaned oven. Be sure to stand near the window and check it out.

2 Insulated or insulated

The reason behind the windows in the building is that you can access the outside without considering the weather. Although they pass through natural light and can fill your house with the warmth of the sun, they should not bring in bad weather changes to the house. There are many ways to control insulation.

Switch the window

If the window is insulated or insulative, it will feel the heat or cold outside when it touches, or when you are standing close to the window, you will feel the temperature changes perfectly. You can even measure the thermal exchange by placing a thermometer on the window's threshold.

3 Lot of steam

If your house window is too steamy, maybe it's time to change. Many of the old window windows are steaming. Of course, before you invest on new windows, make sure the glass vapor maker is not you. Lower house temperatures, thick curtains or window coverings, lack of adequate airflow in the home, and the humidity of the kitchen or bathroom, play a major role in steaming the glass.

4 Just open or not closing

Old windows are generally not open and closed. Some people keep windows that are not completely closed with high and powerful objects to prevent collapsing windows and breaking glass. Others can only open their windows from outside, and in order to get fresh air into their homes, they have to go to the garden or backyard to open the window. Even some people use all their power to latch open windows. If you do any of these, now it's time to change your window.

5 No proper sealing

If the windows of your home windows are two-sided, but still the heat or cold is coming in, maybe not properly sealed. This happens when the sealant material is lost or broken between the two glasses. Most window makers try to do perfect sealing, but often this is unavoidable, and its main reasons are over-ambient humidity, poorly designed window frames, or failure to perform appropriate tests on the window. A simple method for detecting the sealing of the window is to check whether the water vapor is created between the two glass windows.

6 Environmental Protection

If your home window in any way damages the environment, you should consider a new window for your health and your surroundings. In recent years, window designers have become more conscious in terms of environmental design. Eco-friendly windows (low energy) or (low e) are now available in most home design shops and window manufacturers.

These windows reduce the amount(پنجره دوجداره) of money you spend on the heating and cooling costs of your home. Between windows low e and normal, there is a difference in terms of glass, seam, and frame. Low E windows are actually called 3-seater. The gas used to seal the walls is a gas that is energy saving, like cryptone or argon. When the frame turns, wooden frames are just the right option for environmentally friendly windows because they can be recycled, unlike fiberglass or composite materials.