Tips on how to use hotmail

How to search for emails, files, and images sent in hotmail

Something that happens very often is that we send an email, which after a few days, weeks or even months, is important, and we need to read it again; or even, some file that we sent or was sent to us, is only in an email from a long time ago, so the options to recover it are sometimes unknown. There is no shortage who tries to throw a nail among all the mails and go review one by one, is an epic task, which although it works, involves a huge amount of time and work that we probably do not have.
The option that I give you now is the best, and with which you can find whatever you are looking for, if it is in your mail, with this form you will find it. Fast and easy.

To start, on the main page of Hotmail, you must click on the search box in the top left of the screen, by doing so, a small menu like the one shown in the image will be displayed.

In this you can try selecting between "Photos", "Documents" and other options, if you know exactly what it is you are looking for. You can do it by putting the name of the file if you know it well, or just a keyword that you think is in the name of the file or document. This helps them meet. Surely you will see many options within which most likely will be what you are looking for, but if it occurs in the case that simply does not appear, you can try another option. This can happen because actually the name you put, or the keyword you thought was in the name of the file, is simply not there. It is common for these details to be forgotten.
For this you must select the option "Advanced search" where another search menu will be displayed, it is much more detailed, where you can put data such as: the mail or name of the person who sent it, or to whom it was sent, the subject that I had the mail, some keywords that can help find the file or mail you are looking for, as well as specify in which folders it may be, so the search is delimited. Apart from this you can place the range of dates in which the mail can be found, from which date and with an interval of how many days.

When filling out the form, click on "Search" and the process will begin. It may take a few minutes, so you must be patient, but surely when you finish, this search will result in options where the mail or file you are looking for will surely be.

With this you will save a lot of time and work. So it is highly recommended that the emails that are read are not deleted, as they may be useful later, as in these cases. You never know when you will need that email where you sent us or send us a file, but with this you are completely prepared for any circumstance.

How to Upgrade from Hotmail to

It has been around six months that has been launched but it is amazing to see millions of people upgrading from various different services to Upgrading to is very easy no matter whether you are currently using Yahoo, Gmail or any other service. However, here is an explanation of how to upgrade from Hotmail to

How to Upgrade from Hotmail to Outlook.comFirstly, it is important to remember that you not need to create a new account in You can just upgrade from Hotmail account that you are currently using and the rest of the work like your settings and data will be transferred by the system itself.
Some of you must be worried whether you will lose anything on upgrading your account from Hotmail to Outlook. Rest assured, you will not lose anything on upgrading your account and everything that is working with Hotmail will continue to work the same way. Even your settings remain the same.
Here is what you continue to keep when you upgrade to
You can keep your old email address- no need to change
You can continue to sign in with your and the same password
You will retain all your contacts
You will retain all your folders, message categories etc.
All your devices including phone and the outlook client with Outlook connector will continue to work the same way

How to Upgrade

Your hotmail account can be upgraded to account in three simple steps and then you are ready to experience the whole new world of amazing features, speed and a brand new interface. Hereunder are the steps

1.First, login to your Hotmail account and upgrade to the new Outlook mail.

2.Go to more mail settings, rename your mail address and pick one you want.

3.Outlook will then ask you where to place your old email and after you choose the location, you are ready to use your new mail address.

Although now you are ready to use the new to receive and send your mails and messages, Microsoft states that it can take up to a few days to update the login name to certain services like Sky Drive etc. but you can surely use all other important services and enjoy the all new features of Therefore do not wait, be one of the first users to login to the improved new service from Microsoft.