How to recover your password from Hotmail (prospects)

A password is a key factor in creating an email account. Without it the account does not exist and it is the main point of protection of the account. That's why it's so important that you choose a complex password so it's not easily guessed. That being the case, since not all people point their passwords, they eventually forget about them and thus barred access to their email account. In this article we will explain how you can recover the password from your account in Hotmail.

Recover your account password in Hotmail (outlook)

If you're worried that you've forgotten your Hotmail password and can not log in to your account, you do not have to worry any more.

1. Go to;
Hotmail đăng nhập tiếng anh

2. Click "can not access your account";

3. Now enter your email address and the security characters that will appear to you;

4. Click "Next";

5. There are now two options for you to recover your password. You can click "send me a reset link via email" or "send a code to my phone" as it sees fit;

6. In the case of the email you will be sent a message with a link that should open. In the case of the phone, you will receive a message with a code that you should type in "insert your code";

7. Finally, click "send".

And this way you will be able to recover your password from the Hotmail email account. Now it is advisable that you write it somewhere so that you will not forget it again.

How to recover deleted contacts in Hotmail (Outlook)

Over time, many contacts change their email account for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly clean your email account. However, in the middle of the housekeeping it may happen to delete a contact you needed. And now? In this article we will explain how you can recover contacts deleted from hotmail.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hotmail

How to recover deleted contacts from the account in Hotmail (Outlook)

You probably do not know, but Outlook saves a record of the contacts that are deleted. Therefore, it is possible to recover the contacts that you deleted by accident.

Sign in with your account and password in

Inside the inbox, click the "setinha" next to "Outlook" located in the upper left corner of the page;

Click on "people";

Click on a random contact;

When you click on this contact you will see a bar at the top of the page. Click "manage" and "restore deleted contacts";
Now choose the contact you want to retrieve. And that's it, contact recovered successfully. It's great functionality, is not it?