Help protect your Hotmail account

Having our secure Hotmail password is essential if we do not want to have unpleasant surprises in the future. Today, our email is usually associated with a multitude of important services, be it Internet payment pages such as Paypal, or have it as a reference email for important emails such as university or relatives and friends. Therefore, we must be clear that we know how to protect our password from the moment we create it. There are many tips to do this, as well as many basic data recommendations that we should not use in our password. Birthday dates, age or known names are not recommended due to the ease with which they can be obtained. When we register on other sites, we use social networks or even send emails that we are sharing personal information, used often to see if it is correct with the password of our email. In turn, we should avoid repeating the password of different sites. It is true that it is very convenient to have some easy words for memory, and if they are records on unimportant sites you can skip this recommendation if we are sure of the use we give them but if we have the same password in several places we will be saving one Huge work: you only have to take one to have them all.

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Therefore, it is advisable to use small tricks: using capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and letters is the most accessible, especially when they only have meaning for us. An example that we should not use at face value can be the Blink group name: 182. It meets all recommended requirements and is extremely easy to remember. In turn, do not give the password to anyone and, if possible, change it from time to time to ensure there is no danger. Save it to your computer, you should do it only when you are sure there is no danger, although it is advisable not to do so.
The last points are those that concern pure social engineering: no one will ask you for the password, never for something important. No hotmail worker, no official program that requires your data, nothing needs to use your password. Of course, avoid any kind of program that is installed on your computer related to passwords and, above all, do not use popular programs like see who deleted it from the mail: most are a fraud to steal your password. With this series of tips, we can always protect our emails against any threat.

Reduce spam in our Hotmail email

Spam is one of the biggest mistakes that we have today in any email account we have, and Hotmail is one of the most received because of its popularity. We already know how to use the filters offered by different e-mails, especially Hotmail, but in many cases it will not be enough to receive a constant stream of spam. Many site listings inevitably link us to ad chains, as well as social networking events or bots that receive emails written anywhere on the network. All this causes the spam emails to be updated, again ignoring the filters we put. As initial advice, we have to resort to social engineering: give your mail on very limited occasions. This translates into something we will only give for privately and publicly for a situation where we really have no alternative. If we get serious about ourselves at this point, we will find that we can avoid most of these situations, either by using the particular web system to communicate or by simply setting everything up without the need to use correspondence of any kind. We should not become paranoid at this time; we must give our correspondence, but always using our common sense.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hotmail scalar

In a more practical way, we will avoid responding to messages already cataloged as unwanted; they are almost always spam. Forgetting completely the chains of email that do not have a personal relationship directly with us. Nothing to respond to melodramatic ads or invented stories that circulate thousands of emails, is meat to the search engines of emails. At the same time, we must permanently block the addresses that send us spam by infrequent frequency. Often, they are managed by companies with a large number of emails that they use as spam, so blocking one of them can save us in the future of many others. Finally, a tip of the most useful and we do not usually do for vaguería: create an account exclusively for records. Having two clearly differentiated email accounts will make it important to only receive spam by using it for any need. The second account will serve as a dumpster where all advertising will be sent as a result of the records, saving a wonderful time to erase the useless email. Small measures that we use with the head will give us their good fruits with the passage of time, leaving us the mail account completely immaculate.