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Why An Ergonomic Office Chair Is Important At Work

Every year, people all over the world receive compensation for some kind of injury that occurred whilst on the job. On top of this, the cost of these injuries to the productivity of the workplace and overall output can be staggering – billions of dollars is paid in relation to workplace injuries each year and millions of sick days are taken as a result of injury. It is important to minimise as many of these injuries as possible, which is where Ergonomic office chairs come in.

 The average office employee can expect to send an average of 8 hours per day sitting in a chair. This is without taking into account any overtime or sitting at a computer upon arrival at home. If this is not an ergonomically designed chair, it can easily lead to some kind of repetitive stress injury. This is why safety experts are in complete agreement that the correct chair is the most important piece of equipment in many workplaces.
When choosing chairs for your workplace, there are a number of features to consider. These include: the seat height, the seat width and depth, the lumbar support, the backrest, the armrests (if applicable) and the seat material.
The Impact of the Correct Ergonomic Office Chair

Having the correct chair can not only reduce potential damage but, when coupled with specific training, it can also increase employee output. Studies have indicated that an adjustable chair combined with ergonomic training can actually lead to a reduction in orthopedic damage. Further research has found that employee productivity can be increased by as much as 17.5% simply by providing them with the right chair and training.
Whilst many workplaces seek to cut costs by using cheaply manufactured furniture, this is only damaging in the long run. Statistics don’t lie and it’s high time that we stopped ignoring them. Time after time, research has pointed to quality ergonomic seating as being one of the key differences between happy productive employees and costly workers compensation claims. Which category do you want your workplace to fit into?
Studies have shown that many work-related injuries can be reduced and productivity increased simply by using Modern office Furniture and proper ergonomic training:
When put together, these statistics and studies reveal that ergonomic seating is something that all workplaces should consider for their employees. It can help to improve comfort, support and (above all else) productivity in the workplace. If your employees haven’t been equipped with these sorts of chairs, it’s definitely something that needs to be looked into. Even if you haven’t had any compensation claims yet, it’s only a matter of time.