Magento Shopping Cart: Functionalities, Set-up, Administration and Other Important Aspects of the Software

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Magento shopping cart is a well-developed and widely used software for Ecommerce. The code of magneto shopping cart gets downloaded by merchants who strive to build a big e-shop featuring a lot of functions for many goods. One of the disadvantages of Magento shopping cart software is that it requires large capacity servers.


Advantageous features of Magento Ecommerce


Shopping cart in Magento is known for a broad scope of offered functions. Merchants are aware of its abilities to analyze data, perform reporting and to manage various modules or payment gateways. The code is designed to allow a few shops to be run at the same period using a single admin center. Many great features of Magento shopping cart are popular among the merchants. One of them is an option of setting up a single item to be different from the other items in a given time slot.


Magento shopping cart also boasts excellent client service. Shopping cart in Magento provides IT specialists to help clients with various issues. Moreover, the user forums give an opportunity to ask questions and set up discussions to receive info on different subjects.


Some other shopping cart programs may have a poorly developed architecture, limiting their capabilities. It makes it difficult to build an advanced website, getting developers to a sort of “dead end”. Magento shopping cart is different from many of its competitors because it lets programmers create virtually limitless options using PHP programming language.


Magento shopping cart scripts allow for lots of functions, which are already a part of the software. Moreover, installation of various add-ons is possible with Magneto shopping cart. Some of them have been created specifically for a shopping cart in Magento and developers have to charge for these paid add-ons. Magento shopping cart basic version is free, however, if a seller wants more technical capabilities and better client support, they are charged for that extra.


SEO capabilities of Magento shopping cart are also substantial. There are not very many free shopping cart software programs that have so much potentially beneficial features allowing for optimization of the e-store. For even better SEO options merchants switch to Shopping Cart Elite, which offers advanced SEO capabilities. SCE provides tools for building organic SEO as well as getting paid Google Adwords users  a big return on their advertising dollars.


Some disadvantages of Magento Ecommerce


One of the shortcomings of this software program is that it needs high capacity servers especially if merchants want to scale their e-shops expanding the number of products and services.


Magento shopping cart servers have to be expandable providing for more resources. This fact is limiting the number of hosting services that can provide the server requirements needed for a shopping cart in Magento. It can cause major inconveniences for online shops.


Another disadvantage is a lack of simple tools for uploading a new item comparing to some other shopping cart software programs. Mastering these tools can be a daunting task for some online sellers. They have to study online tutorials or get help from IT specialists. Other programs, such as, for example, QuickCart, provide for much easier functionalities that take less time to master.


Moreover, the scripts of Magento shopping cart software lacks user-friendly coding. It means that modification of those scripts may require hiring software developers causing extra expenses and some inconvenience. Modifying some other programs can be a lot easier (e.g., PrestaShop), although they are offering less function comparing to Magento shopping cart.


Even though Magento shopping cart boasts scalability and unmatched performance options in comparison with most of the free programs, it has some disadvantages. They include high requirements as far as servers, disk space (not all hosting companies can accommodate that) and memory. It means that merchants need to plan for some extra expenses for higher server capacity and hiring IT help.  For smaller e-shops and start-ups this can be not the best option. Such sellers need to look into more options to choose the most appropriate shopping cart software to accommodate their needs. Some users also mention lots of bugs of this software and lack of in-depth client services.


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Magento shopping cart prices


There are several options for users of this software. Free option, called Community Edition, features an open source software. The paid version, named Enterprise Magento is a great resource for bigger companies allowing them to grow their business potential. It provides limitless opportunities.

Big enterprises have resources to hire additional help to configure the software. It is hard to determine what the company charges because they send an individual quote to every business. Some companies revealed that the cost of the paid option might very well be around twenty thousand dollars a year or higher.


As far as templates, Magento does not provide many free options, but there are many wonderful custom designs for the creation of the perfect e-stores. The store of Magento offers many customizable e-shop templates that are beautifully designed. Over five hundred Magento theme options can be found online. A site called ThemeForest features many of them.




Magento shopping cart is not a type of software for beginners. Merchants who are not experienced with the program and have no programming skills should not probably consider this software if they do not have IT help lined up. Shopping cart in Magento is better suited for companies that have some capital to spend on the site building.


Programmers can quickly set up and use this shopping cart software. They like its interface overall and navigation in particular. Magneto shopping cart gets installed locally using FTP. That may be seen as a minus, but on a positive side, it adds to Magento security.


As far as Magento client support, the site has a wealth of comprehensive info on the software for the companies on general and tech issues. Apart from that, Magento features an extensive info base on a forum where customers share their experience and various data regarding the system.


Magento software is intended for midsize to large enterprises. They know their customer base. Programmers can try the free version and build a website before getting Enterprise edition. Smaller businesses may need to check other shopping cart solutions, where less knowledge of programming is necessary to set up and manage the software.

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