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What Are the Benefits of Aquarium Mosses?

For every aquarist who love their tank planted but are not ready to put up a great deal of extra effort or maintenance, aquatic moss is the solution for them. Mosses are highly low demanding and are an excellent addition to your aquarium. There are myriads of aquatic mosses available to choose from as can be seen on Aquarzon's homepage at and are very easy to cultivate under normal aquarium conditions.

They not only enhance your tank aesthetics, but also provide a number of significant benefits, such as:

1. Good Nitrate Absorbent

Aquarium mosses not only absorb nitrates, but also other nasty stuff is eventually leeched out. If the balls are kept in just a few gallons of water, they can absorb good amount of nitrate. Besides, moss balls work like little filters, they suck all the debris, filth, and small amount of ammonia and phosphates from the water.

2. Prevent Excess Algae Growth

Algae! Every aquarists’ main concern can be easily taken care by moss balls. What else would you ask for? Upon having moss balls in your tank half of your pain is shared by these little cute balls. These moss balls prevent algae from growing back. These aquarium mosses are perfect for tanks under 10 gallons.

3. Low Demanding

The best part of having moss in your tank is they require just a low level of maintenance. All they need for their survival is freshwater, some amount of lighting (preferably shading in bright tanks) and waste to feed off and that is all. All you need to do to maintain moss balls is just squeeze them once in a while.

4. No Dead Matter is Produced

Moss balls don’t produce dead matter like plants, as long as they are healthy, they stay green and intact.

5. Provides Some Oxygen

The most important benefit of having moss ball in tank is they release oxygen in the water and suck up, CO2, just like other plants do. They are a great addition to help you oxygenate your tank.

6. Easily Adapts to High pH

You will see a lot of aquarium plants don’t do well in high pH water, however, aquarium mosses are easily adaptable to high pH water that doesn’t affect them. They stay healthy even in pH of 8.4.

7. Shrimp and Other Critter in Tank Love Mosses

The moss ball collects debris and nutrients over time, and hence shrimp enjoy rummaging through the green stuff and munching on any particles they like. Also, floating moss balls sometimes serve as toys and comfy hiding place for other critters in the tank. By and large, a great means of entertainment for your other critters in aquarium.

8. Parasites Free

More often than not, when you buy live plants for your tank they come with other creatures such as parasites with them. These creatures are so small that you can’t even see them. However, moss balls are sold in individual cups and hence the chances of getting unwanted residences in your tank are minimized to a great extent.