Who Should Be Using Iontophoresis Machine

Iontophoresis is the process of transfer and spreading of an ion from one medium to another medium with the help of electric current. The process of iontophoresis is used in three different ways, i.e., the laboratory uses, therapeutic use and diagnostic uses. This is a unique method of injection in which chemicals are injected into a human body but without a needle. Iontophoresis is commonly used by different physical and occupational therapists for the application of all the anti-inflammatory medications.

The Use of Iontophoresis Process:

Iontophoresis process is a stress reliever for those peoples who sweat a lot. Sweat is mostly observed in hand and in the feet’s. Not only hands` and feet`s but all body parts are treated with iontophoresis machines.Palmar hyperhidrosis is the disease in which palms of hands and feet’s sweat more than usual. So palmar hyperhidrosis is also treated with iontophoresis machines.

 Besides sweating, Iontophoresis is also used to treat sports injuries. The heel is that body part which plays a vital role in improving the performance of any sports. In this process, anti-inflammatory medicines are added to water.These medicines will ease all the soft tissue injuries as well as will ease heel pains. The current the machine makes easy absorption of medications Iontophoresis is very effective in reducing swelling around joints and providing relief to pain.

The process of Iontophoresis:

The process of iontophoresis can be done at home or at the doctor`s clinic too. Patient has to place his feet or hand in the basin like a machine. Then the doctor will add required amount of medication and will provide current. They will keep on adding the current until a small amount of sensation is felt. Pain and sensation are different things, one should feel sensation, not pain.

 If iontophoresis is done for the purpose of hyperhidrosis, then it should be between 25 to 45 minutes. One may see a noticeable change after the first session. Moreover patient may require numerous sessions. In some severe cases, doctors recommend patients to purchase portable iontophoresis machine for their homes.

 If iontophoresis is to be done for sports injury, then it can be done at doctor`s clinic only. Time for iontophoresis process for healing sports injuries should be something between 10 to 15 minutes. In this process, the patient will place his gets in the basic, then the doctor will add anti-inflammatory medications and will apply an electric current. The amount of electric current will keep on increasing until proper sensation is felt. How no pain should be felt?

Iontophoresis Machine

 Many patients opt to buy their own machines, the use of iontophoresis machine requires care in the sense of adjusting the relevant amount of electric current. If one is confident about its proper adjustment, then he should buy the machine. Doctors recommend people who have passed through the initial process of iontophoresis and need iontophoresis on a weekly basis to buy this machine. People who use iontophoresis machine may face dryness of skin, peeling of skin or tingling of skin