Router: Xbox One Port Forwarding

Why would someone want to forward their port? It is an activity that is more common than you think. Forwarding a port basically makes sure that you can connect your device to whatever point on the internet you need it to connect to. Think of ports as doors. Until you forward it, it is just sitting there doing nothing. But if you play around a bit and forward a port it makes sure that your program A can connect safely and without problems to server B. It’s as simple as that. But how do you forward a port on the Xbox One? Before you start hacking at your console with a screwdriver or a hacksaw, please understand that port forwarding on the Xbox One is done via your router, not the console. Now that we’ve saved your expensive hardware, let’s see how we can open that port so that you can play your games with the best speed possible.

Login to your Router Homepage

Every type of router, regardless of model and manufacturer will have a Homepage. You can go to that homepage by copy/pasting the MAC address of the router. Alternatively you can look on the back of the modem and see the details there. Every router has a white sticker with model number, manufacturer, and physical mac address. By pasting this MAC address into your search browser (preferably Chrome) you will be led to the homepage. A router homepage is not the same as your ISP (Internet Service Provider) website. If you cannot locate the MAC address of your router you can look for the serial number on the back of the device. If you google search for ‘serial # mac’, and substitute the # with the actual serial number, you will be shown a list of possible MAC addresses that you can use. Here is a list of common MAC addresses for the top 5 routers:

Locate your Router Username and Password

Depending on the type of router you are using, your passwords will be slightly different. If this is the first time you are installing your router, your username and password will be set to the default value. Usually, that value is admin & password. If the router had been installed previously and you don’t know the surname or password you might have to Factory Reset the router. To reset your router the default settings you will need to:

Locate Port Forwarding

Once you’ve gained access to the router Homepage, locate the port forwarding option. Depending on your router model, the Homepage might be slightly different. Generally, the Port Forwarding section will be under advanced settings.

Forward ports for the Xbox One

The next step is easy. Turn your Xbox One on and go to Network Settings. You will need some information from here. You are looking for the last number in a section. It looks like a MAC address. You cannot miss it. Now all you need to do is fill out the information for each port. You do this by clicking on the Add Custom service button. Make sure you change the name on each port where available. Xbox Live requires these ports to be open in order for the service to work:When prompted for the option to choose between TCP and UDP, choose both if you are unsure. After which you will need to input the internal and external ports. The internal and external ports are the same value. An internal port lets the system know which port to open. The external port lets the system know when to stop closing the port. Meaning, if you want to open only port 80, you will need to set both values to 80. Here is a picture showing the Xbox Live port forwarding information (TCP & UDP):

Reset your router and your console. Wait a few minutes for both systems to reset. You are done and have successfully created your first port forwarding. Do you have a PlayStation, then learn how to forward ports for PS4 .