Netgear Login - Default Passwords

This article will focus on accessing the Login page on your Netgear Router and overcoming any troubleshooting issues that might occur. Why would you need to login into your Netgear Router? Sometimes users want to have more control over their device or go ahead and make changes to some configurations. If you are a gamer or a live streamer you might want to change the priority of your Internet connection in order to have a better connection. In order to access the Netgear Router you must know the Default IP address (Default Gateway).

Netgear Router Default IP

By default, the Netgear Router is set to IP or You can use these IP address to Login to your Netgear Router.
  1. Connect your computer or device to the Netgear router via the Wireless Network or via LAN (Local Area Network). An internet cable should have been provided in the startup box. The cable is also referred to as an Ethernet Cable.

  2. Open your Internet Browser. We recommend using Google Chrome as it’s the only browser that seems to give almost no errors when configuring ISP devices. Locate the address bar at the top of the browser and type out the IP address Press Enter or click on Go.

  3. You should be directed to the login page for your Netgear device. If per chance you are not directed properly please check the IP address as it is the most frequent error reason. If doesn’t seem to work please try

Once you navigate to the login page you will be asked to input a Username and Password. Netgear devices have default login credentials such as: admin and password. If the default login information doesn’t work, the username and password might have been changed by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). If they have been changed it might be necessary to reset your Netgear Router to the Default factory settings.

How to reset your Router to Factory settings

Resetting the Netgear router will restore all settings, including IP and Privacy settings to their factory standards. It will also remove any changes or alterations that you might have made in the past. Here is how to reset your router:
  1. Turn the power of your router on. Locate the Restore Factory Settings button on the back, side, or bottom of the device.

  2. Use a paperclip or small needle to push and hold the Restore Factory Settings button for ten seconds. The power light will start blinking which is an indicator that the settings have been reset.

  3. Remove the paperclip or needle and wait a minute or two for the light to stop blinking.

  4. Open your Internet Browser of choice (again, we recommend Chrome) and type in one of the two IP addresses into he search bar. Note: or It’s recommended that you are connected to your router either by Wireless or via an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables provide a more stable connection than the average Wireless option.

  5. Your username and password should have been changed to the default values. Type in admin and password in the required fields and press Enter or Go.

Netgear Router Troubleshooting

Several problems can arise when altering the router settings or when initially installing the device.

1. Unable to establish Internet Connection

If for some reason you are unable to get any Internet traffic going from your modem to your computer, perhaps the Ethernet Cable is faulty. Unplug the cable from both sides – the computer and the device. Power-down the router by unplugging the power supply from the outlet and wait around twenty seconds for the machine to run its initial diagnostics. Plug the power adapter back in the port and wait for the blinking power light to become a steady green color. Plug in the Ethernet cable first into the router and then into your computer.

If after doing this you still don’t have Internet on your computer perhaps the cable is faulty. You can call your ISP and request that they provide you with a substitute or buy one from a technology shop near you.

2. Fix ‘Windows is Unable to Connect to the Selected Network’

If you are experiencing this problem, there are several steps you can follow in order to attempt and fix it on your own.

• Renew IP Address

You can renew your IP address in two ways. The first one is to restart your computer. The restart should force your OS to accept any changes that the router has tried to make. In 8/10 cases this solves the issue. The second way to fix this issue is to run a command via the CMD panel on your Window OS. To access the CMD panel just type CMD into the windows search bar. A black screen with text will appear. At the very bottom you should see a blinking space waiting for you to type in a command. Type in ipconfig / release or ipconfig / renew

After typing in the commands you will be shown another wall of text. When you look at it, you should find a section called Wireless Network Adapter or Ethernet Adapter. If you are receiving an error when trying to input the commands there might be a problem with your router. Call your ISP and request that they send out a technician or change the device.

• Restart Router

Reboot your Netgear Router. You can do this unplugging the power adapter from the power outlet or removing the power cable from the device. Wait 10 to 30 seconds for the electrical discharge to leave the device and then plug-in the cable back in. Most common issue can be fixed by simply restarting the device.

• Disable Internet Security

If your computer is not able to find any Wireless or cable Internet connection, your Antivirus system might be blocking the signal. Navigate to Control Panel and temporarily switch off the Security. If this fixes the issue then there is A mismatch with the adapter and the software. You might have to call your ISP and request that they change the frequency signal of the Netgear Router.

• Update Drivers

If again you are not being able to get a signal via Wireless or Ethernet cable, I might be a good idea to check on your drivers. Even if you frequently update your Windows some of your drivers might not be updated properly. You can manually update them by going to Device Manager on your computer and selecting Network Adapters. From here you will be able to manually update every driver.