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Accessing the internet requires connecting to a local network which is connected to the internet itself. A local network is basically a broadcast device, usually a router that is responsible for moving data to and from the internet to the devices that are connected to that particular router. For that purpose, a set of predefined addresses are used that are only specific to the router and cannot be used by any end-user device. is also considered to be such an address that is used by different routers as the access point to the internet. IP range

It is important to know that the internet is accessed through the internet protocol address or the IP address and they are only available in a specific range. This particular address is the last of all in the range between and Although the final value can go up to 255, it cannot be assigned to any device because is a broadcast address by default.

Devices using

There are a number of different manufacturers that utilize this particular address as the access point for their routers. The list includes a few router models from the OfficeConnect series of 3Com, Billion ADSL routers, modems by Westell for Bellsouth and even the DSL service provided by AT&T in the United States.


Being the default address, could be the address set by your router’s manufacturer to access the router. Opening it would open the administrative menu of the router which can be used to manipulate router settings, activate security measures like WEP and WPA password protection, make the network private by disabling the router’s SSID broadcast etc. Another common use of this menu is to reset the router in case the internet service isn’t functioning properly or you have forgotten the password to the internet.

Other gateways

Just like this address, there are other private network IPs too that perform the same function, i.e. accessing your router settings. A couple of these IPs include and These are commonly used in most of the devices built by Cisco Inc. and Linksys, which itself is also a part of Cisco now. Between them they have the largest market share of internet routers which is why these two IP addresses are so well known. It is important to realize that trying to change the default IP of a router without understanding the process fully and ignoring protocols can cause you to lose internet connection.