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The internet is an ever-growing web of information that is spread all across the world. To access the information available on the internet, a user needs to be connected through a gateway. This gateway is usually provided in the form of a unique address called the Internet Protocol Address or as it is commonly known, IP address. The internet service providers (ISPs) all over the world provide the link to the internet to the user by the use of routers. The routers are a gateway to the internet and in that essence, is one of the several gateways.

Models with IP assigned

Every router manufacturer has their own specific address that they assign to their router and this address cannot be assigned to any end user. The routers that are known to use this particular IP address as their default include some models of Fortines, ZyXEL, Rosewill and some other manufacturers as well. Most of these models are sold outside of the United States mainly and can be found at cheaper rates as well as compared to more mainstream companies like Linksys and Cisco Inc.

Address confusion

The most commonly seen default address for the majority of routers being used around the world is are some other well-known addresses too like or but this is the most widely known default address. Being the very first one in the series, it allows the users to easily figure out that they can provide their devices with any address where the last value is between 2 and 254. However, being a unique IP itself, the users of routers with as default can sometimes run into connectivity issues by trying to assign this address to other devices that are connected to this router. To avoid this issue, the user can simply open on their web browser and if they are taken to the router console menu then they can know that this is their default router address and thus should not be assigned to any other device. as a private IP address has been declared as a private network IP by the Internet Standards Group. It is, therefore, capable of the same functionality as its other well-known counterparts which include, and several others. If you find it troublesome to have this address as your default IP, you can change it by accessing the router console using the link given above. However, it is advised that you only do that if you are well aware of the protocols involved in changing the default IP of a router. Otherwise, you may lose internet connectivity.