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If you have heard of IP addresses there is a big chance that you have heard of the IP address as well. To access the internet, every device is provided a unique numeric code that is in the form of octets. These numbers help in pinpointing a specific device in a network that may have several devices connected to it at any given time. is considered to be a default IP that is used by a network router. This means that if you want to access the router that is handling your internet connection, you will need to access it using this particular IP address. A lot of routers come pre-configured with this IP as the default address.

Default Gateway:

The purpose of this particular IP is to provide a route for the devices connected to any local network to the internet. The router uses this IP to move data to and from the internet to the devices connected to it (elaborated with diagram below). It is often seen that people try to change this address and end up losing access to the internet. It is highly advised that you learn all the protocols involved in changing the default gateway of a router before making the change or ask your Internet Service Providers (ISP) to change it for you.

Relationship with

The IP is almost identical in nature to the famous IP. Both of them are considered to be private network IPs. This means that they are used to create a private network that is only accessible locally, i.e. in a specific physical location where the router is present and within range. For routers that are configured with the IP, users can change their settings by accessing on their internet browsers while they are connected to their router. The only difference is the range of IPs that each of these settings offers to users.

Utilization of

Almost every home user of the Internet is aware of the IP because that is the default setting for virtually every router that ISPs provide for home usage. Contrary to that, the is more commonly found in commercial setups and businesses. While there is no technical reason behind this, it is understood that this is only done to differentiate a business network from a home network. Other than that, they both serve the same purpose i.e. providing a gateway to the internet, as has been discussed above.