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RC Excavator and Variety of Other Toys To Choose From

RC Excavator

We’ll start talking about RC excavator and other RC toys just from the start. Why should we talk a lot about what has already been written much about? If you want more articles about RC toys look here.

So, let’s start.


Remote control toys can distract your child from TV and computer and show him that there are other, not less interesting and exciting activities. In addition, for the game with toys with remote control, the whole family can get together and have fun by making races with RC race cars or launching helicopters, or make construction works with RC excavator.


Remote control construction toys are the best toys for children and adults.


We choose radio-controlled toys by age:


When buying the first RC toy for a child of any age, it is better to choose the simplest model so that the child can easily understand its management.


·         For children 3-5 years old, there is enough machinery or RC excavator to control, moving back and forth. The main thing is that it should be bright, with sound and light effects. If the selected toy is running on battery power, take care of purchasing a spare one. Due to the small capacity of the battery, a toy can be discharged in the midst of the game.


·         For children of 7-10 years old, choose remote control models of machines more powerful, maneuverable and quick. At this age, the guys are already coping with the management of not only cars, but also boats, helicopters, planes, RC excavator, and etc.


·         For boys over 12, you can buy even a model, which can be subjected to tuning: change the body, engine, shock absorbers.

  Remote control toys

Remote control toys for indoor and outdoor spaces


1. If a child plays in the room (apartment, house), then the toy should not be large, it does not need protection from dust and moisture.


2. If a toy is to be used in an open space (yard, cottage), the color should be bright and resistant to both mechanical and atmospheric influences, the body is strong, the engine is protected from dust and moisture.


Machines, tanks, RC excavator, ATVs are better to choose with good shock absorbers, and helicopters and aircraft to use away from trees and houses.


Buying radio-controlled toys, take into account:


1. If you decide to buy two toys in TopRace in order to drive along with your child, be sure to specify at what frequencies they work and use multi-channel technique not to interfere with each other when running.


2. If you bought a remote control toy in winter, then you should check it at home not earlier than an hour after you brought it into the room. You need to wait to level out its temperature, otherwise electrical elements of the console or toys can not withstand the load.


Radio controlled toys and pets


If pets live in the house, from time to time, be sure to check whether the wool is wound on chassis of RC excavator. Even a small amount of wool increases the load on the engine, as a result of which the battery or battery discharges faster.


In addition, a child should not frighten pets by moving machinery, as animals can react aggressively to the appearance of such objects.


Before you buy toys with remote control, visit themed sites, read customer reviews, ask experts. Focusing on technical characteristics and feedback of parents, make a purchase of RC excavator, which, undoubtedly, will give joy to the child.


Modern children's toys are able to surprise even adults. And the joy of the child, who runs his beloved car at a distance, is always so genuine that sometimes you really want to join him. Not surprisingly, many adults eventually do this.


Meanwhile, remote control toys are very good for children - they develop technical thinking, mindfulness, will and perseverance. They open up a fascinating field of technology for the child, and also allow developing useful skills such as rapid orientation in space, speed of reaction, ability to concentrate on the subject.


Today's range is rich in variety of models of this type of toys..

  Radio controlled toys

Types of remote control toys


There are three main types of remote control toys: moving on land, water and air.


Ground radio-controlled toys are tanks, cars, trains RC excavator and other remote construction toys, other types of ground transportation of various sizes and modifications.


Radio-controlled ground-based models have simple control, while many of them can develop high speed and have greater patency. For example, tanks, which also often have a very strong construction. Many such models provide for the change of radio frequencies during control, which allows organizing an entire tank army. Technically equipped models of toys can have light and sound effects, infrared or pneumatic guns.


More conventional remote control models are cars. Typically, machines on remote control is quite easy to control, which makes them the most popular type of such toys for children.

There are two types of cars: SUVs with high cross-country capability on any uneven terrain, which makes them a good choice for outdoor games, as well as highway models that are designed to operate only on level surfaces.


Water radio-controlled toys - boats, ships. Such models are able to move only on the water surface and therefore in most cases are suitable only for playing in the summer.

These toys are made of durable, lightweight material, which provides them with good maneuvering. The sizes of models vary from 0.2 m to 1 m.


Air radio-controlled toys - helicopters, airplanes and others.


Models that are controlled in the air at a short distance, up to about 100 meters, as an operator must clearly see the direction and position of the air model.


For the first flights it is recommended to buy models with a low center of gravity - in this case it is easier to control the toy.


For more experienced, there are already copy models that accurately reflect appearance of real aircraft.


For children and adults who have already mastered all the basics of controlling air toys, models with high flying qualities are produced. These models can perform various aerobatics in the air.


Also all remote control toys are divided into three main groups on the staffing level:


·         Complete assembly - a model that is completely ready for management. There is no need to apply any knowledge and skills in the assembly, just insert the batteries. This option is suitable for those who need a model only for game.


·         The almost assembled view is a model that requires joining of individual parts and elements.


·         The disassembled view is a model that requires complete self-assembly. This option is well suited for children and their parents, who are interested not only in the process of game, but also enjoy the process of assembly and technical component.


What to look for when buying


The most important thing - a remote control toy, such as RC excavator, for instance, must necessarily correspond to the age of ф child. For children up to 7 years old, the appearance of a toy is more important. Therefore, it should be bright, attracting attention. For such an age category of children it is quite enough to purchase a toy that moves back and forth and has a small speed of movement.


Children from 7 to 10 years old can already buy models with more sophisticated controls. At this age a child will cope with management of a simple plane, helicopter and a boat.


Children older than 10 years old can be gifted with serious prefabricated models. Such models can be tuned: change and disassemble body, engine, shock absorbers.


If a child plays with a toy in an apartment or a house, then it is not worth buying large models - these toys do not have strict rules for use and safety. But, if the a remote control model is designed for outdoor games, it is important to pay attention to such indicators as strength, build quality, and the ability of model to maintain its appearance despite aggressive operation.


It is worth noting that the more expensive remote control model, the greater similarity of a toy to the original - both in appearance and in technical component. Also, price is affected by a motor installed in a toy. They can be of two types - an electric motor and a miniature internal combustion engine. Models with the first option are cheaper, they are easier and suitable for young children. Models with internal combustion engines are designed for teenagers and adults, and require certain maintenance.


When choosing a remote control toy on electric motors, ask how powerful a battery is installed in it. The more powerful battery, the longer the model will work and move faster. It should be understood that for playing outdoors you need a more powerful battery than for playing at home.