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Prolonging A Projectors Life By Installing An Outdoor Projector Enclosure

Prolonging A Projectors Life By Installing An Outdoor Projector Enclosure

How to prolong a projectors life by installing an outdoor projector screen enclosure.
It seems a good idea, putting a projector outside... enjoy a movie or sports game in your own back yard, but what are the consequences;  Will it rain? Can I be bothered to take it inside when we've finished watching?  Will it overheat?  So many questions...

However, you can't just put a projector in a box – as simple as that sounds, there are certain design features which will protect the projector from many environmental hazards, theft and damage, whilst still allowing a clear view of the image being broadcast.  Fixing the projector to a semi-permanent base is a start, but you need the flexibility between having a stable base and removing the projector.  This is where an outdoor projector enclosure comes in...

It is a robust, strong and secure steel box, which has high security locks, a vandal proof viewing window (where the lens emits the image) and is weatherproof against rain and snow precipitation, as well as the damage of dirt and dust a wind storm can create.  There is the temptation of cutting costs and making an enclosure yourself, or buying a cheap one off an auction website, but this is false economy.  There are plastic and wooden enclosures available to buy off the shelf, but there are so many disadvantages here.  Nothing is a suitable as a metal body: and it's not just the box which will protect the projector, but all the other integral and electronic parts are part and parcel of the whole package. 

There is so much more to think about, other than the main body of the projector.  A protective housing unit will prolong the life of the projector, as well as the fundamental components like the bulb too.  These can be expensive to replace and even ordering a replacement may take a few days – this cuts into the scheduled display time of the projector; down time can be avoided. 

Overheating is one of the main reasons for failure.  It affects the running of the projector, causing the unit to cut out.  A thermostatically controlled air conditioning unit should be fitted to the steel enclosure, particularly if the installation will be in a hot indoor or outdoor environment.  As all the electronic components are safely  installed within the sealed enclosure, there is no danger of electrocution in wet weather. 

Another point is the filtration of the air circulation, via the fans and filters.  The filters are easily replaceable, just as they are reusable after washing – thoughtful to the environment too.  The filter will prevent any small particles from entering the projector body.  It is amazing how tiny bugs can get into the tiniest of crevices and find their way into the projector.

Ensure your projector installation is protected with an outdoor projector enclosure.