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Pinterest Login

Having problems with Pinterest Login? This guide will show you how to use Pinterest Account with easy step by step instruction. Learn how to do Pinterest login in a few easy steps with these Pinterest tutorials. Create an account, retrieve Pinterest account and password.

Pinterest login
 is a website and a mobile app company that offers a visual search, collection and sharing. Users make and share the collections of images bookmarks. These collections are called boards ,created by a user selecting an website, page, item, etc. and pinning it to an already existing or new created boards. Users save and share these pins from multiple sources into boards with similar characteristics, e.g. same criteria, cars, fashion, food recipes, crafty ideas. The site was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. It is managed by Cold Brew Labs started by a group of entrepreneurs and investors.

Forgot your password?
Click on “forgot my password” or click Here , then enter your email on the bar an click “reset” on smartphones, in your computer you will see “search” . When you get the email with the title reset your Pinterest password click on the “create password” button, then you type your password on both bars to confirm you type the same, to know if you typing it right you should try doing it on notepad and then copy and paste it. After that click on change password and that’s it, you’re ready to go.


Want to change your password?

Click on the setting button that looks like a gear on the right top of your profile, it will appear some options, one of them is “edit settings” click there, after that on change password. Type your actual password and the new one on the second blank and on the third to verify is correct. Click on change password right there and then change settings, in the same page you can do other things like change your location and edit the section “about you”, change language or clear recent searches.

Login to Pinterest

Enter to or click Here, on the top right of the page you will see the login button. After you click there you will have several login options, like “Login with Facebook”, “Login with gmail” and “Login with twitter” or you can type your email and password on the respective bars. If you forgot your password click Here .