Penina Mezei

Penina Mezei: Caregivers to the Rescue

Dementia is something that Attencia's employees' face every day, and Alzheimer's disease is a special form of dementia for which experts claim to affect one in four people in today's society. Penina Mezei, Vice President patient relations and community outreach at Attencia, division of the Americare companies, states that Alzheimer's is the number one leading disease in the world.

It mainly affects the older population, and it is about 50 per cent of all dementias. The number of patients suffering from these diseases is alarming and constantly increasing. It is estimated that around 36 million people in the world are currently affected by Alzheimer's disease. As life expectancy has increased globally, in the near future we expect an even greater increase in patients, indicates Penina Mezei. It is an incurable and insufficiently tested brain disease. When the first signs of the disease appear, most people are not able to recognize them or simply do not pay attention because they are already forgetting, have difficulties speaking, they are disorientated, explains Attencia's Vice President Penina Mezei. Although there are facilities dedicated to treating just patients suffering from Alzheimer's, still we face the problem of underemployment.

We work with limited number of employees while the patients we admit continue to grow. I sincerely hope that this issue will be successfully resolved, as people who are suffering from dementia often don't even recognize their closest family members, cannot be trained or self-feed, or are even physiologically able to perform independently, shares Penina Mezei. When someone's basic human needs depend on caregivers, it is clear that it is a burning issue. The quality of service needed for these patients, cannot be provided with an insufficient number of caregivers , says Penina Mezei and adds that although all standards are now meet, it still remains a problem that needs to be resolved in the near future.

The caregiver business requires a lot of strength, agility and stamina, but also mental stability, as they are just ordinary people. That is why we need to employ people from this profession - says the Vice President of Attencia, Penina Mezei.

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