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What key skills are employers looking for?

You have great educational degrees and a good track record of job experience, but you are confused that the employer did not shortlist you for the position you applied to? Perhaps you did not have the right skills your prospective employer is looking for or failed to present yourself well in your resume. A great educational degree is just like obtaining a ticket to enter a game but the ticket cannot make up for the skills required to win the game. Though employers want to see your certificate yet they are more interested in your skills. Therefore, they place a lot of emphasis on finding right candidates with the right skills and competencies for their organisations.


Irrespective of the career sector you choose to work in, there are specific skills that are required to fit in and be successful in your workplace. These are the key employability skills, they are the core skills that will make you effective and fit for whatever job you do and be up to doing the task given to you. These skills are also called transferable skills because you take them along with you as your career progresses. They are skills you have to think of as your passport to career success. They are the skills employers are looking for before they can consider you for a job position.

The 12 Key Skills employers are looking for and tips How to choose the best resume builder

  1. Communication Skills

The employer is expecting his potential employee to be able to communicate freely and confidently in a professional manner, either in writing or speaking. He must be able to engage face-to-face communications with his colleagues and seniors in the organization. A prospective worker must have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively using different mediums such as phone calls and messages, email, verbal and with body language. Communication also involves listening skills, the ability to listen to others and respond sensibly as well as the ability to follow instructions and provide appropriate feedback.

  1. Honesty

Employers do not want a flip-flopper, someone who changes opinions often and a hypocrite, someone who pretends to hold the company norms, beliefs and goals. They need someone who is straightforward, someone they can rest upon. They want timely and accurate information regarding their business and their employees. They do not want someone who makes a mistake and covers it up, but someone who admits to mistakes and learns not to repeat it.

​3. Teamwork

They need someone who is able to work in harmony with his co-workers, who is ready to assist others in achieving the common organizational goals.


​4. Work Ethic

Be at work on time, do what you were hired to do, meet targets and deadlines and work to the best of your ability. What more could an employer ask?

​5. Analytical and problem-solving skills

Employers want people who are creative, who can reason quickly. They need someone with great intuition to solve unexpected and unprecedented problems. This is someone who can also apply their past experiences to identifying and solving problems effectively.


​6. Determination and Persistence

Managers will at times give their employees challenging tasks and expect them to bring the result within a limited time. What they looking for is someone who will be persistent and determined to bring results in spite of the hurdles. The key is the ability to work hard under pressure and keep moving forward irrespective of obstacles.


​7. Ability to work under minimal supervision

Companies are looking for employers who can take on challenges and work under minimal supervisions and yet bring positive results.


​8. Personal management skills

This is the ability to plan and manage multiple tasks and assignments, to set priorities and to adapt to changes in work conditions.


​9. Interpersonal effectiveness

Employers always feel suspicious of an employer who does not freely relate with his co-workers - the presence of such a person in an organization creates an inconvenient atmosphere. They are interested in an employee who can freely relate with other co-workers and the seniors in the organization.


​10. Computer/technical literacy

In the current computer age, employers are not ready to employ computer illiterate workers. They expect their prospective employee to be computer proficient, at least to have the basic computer skills.


​11. Leadership/management skills

Employers, especially the Human Resources Manager, are always on the lookout for an employee who displays leadership capabilities. They are looking for someone they can entrust tasks to and take charge; someone who can encourage and manage his colleagues to achieve the desired goals.


​12. Technical Competency

Most positions require skills that are specific to the advertised job position. These are the skills that you are expected to display while handling the tasks for which you were employed.

In conclusion, once you have these skills, you are employable. All you have to do is to present yourself well on paper and convince your prospective employer during the interview.