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How to Get Instant Likes for Your Instagram and Facebook Posts?

instagram instant likes

Studies show that human beings crave attention and encouragement, and it is the same reason why getting more likes for your social media posts can make you happier. However, it is strange to find out that even the wittiest, interesting and innovative posts fail to draw attention at times. Here are some of the best tips for you to get instant likes for your posts on various social platforms.

Establish a posting pattern

If you are running a blog or website, it is important to have your readers get used to regular and consistent posts from your end. In case you post every day for 2 weeks in a row and post 3 times for the remaining two weeks, you readers might not take the inconsistency quite kindly. You have to post according to a proper pattern and let the readers get used to it. In other words, do not have an erratic posting pattern. It makes sense to have consistency in your posting schedule.

Click good photos

There is no need to be a professional photographer. Simply knowing a few basics of photography can be enough for you. Check whether your snaps flatter you or your products from the angles you are shooting in, whether the subject is in proper focus, whether the colors are contrasting in an interesting fashion or whether you are clicking something that will actually interest social media users. Use a good online photo-editing app rather than relying on the limited editing and filtering tools of social platforms to do the job.

Never get boring

Do not get repetitive with your offerings. You should focus on giving newer posts to users. For example, if your last post was about images of cityscapes and sunsets, you can move on to something new this time – such as your adorable kitten enjoying the view of your garden. Do not give the same thing over and over to your fans. It will get boring and you are at risk of being un-followed.

Get featured

You cannot remain in a vacuum with your social account and posts. Most social accounts on Instagram witness an increase in the number of followers when it gets featured in any of the 3 spots – the suggested user list, the Explore page or the blog. Once you get featured in any of these sections, you can witness a massive rise in the number of followers and likes to your posts. If you get lucky enough to be featured under the "Find People to Follow" section in the Instagram settings, you will have no dearth of likes. The more the number of views, the higher the chances of getting liked – it is as simple as that!

Use interesting hashtags, but with caution

Hashtags can be one of the easiest ways to grab attention to posts. However, you should use interesting ones to get people craving for more. Use tags that accurately define your images, and keep them short and to the point. Do not use too many hashtags, or you will come off as desperate.