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Surviving the Internet - Best Local and Business Directories in 2018

The Internet is the greatest wonder of the 20th century, and it still amazes us even after two decades since it came to life. It gave us new ways of doing things through the internet of things. Businesses have taken full advantage of the power of the internet. It took people from socializing in person to socializing in digital. And businesses realized that they can no longer effectively reach out to people by insisting on targeting them from a personal or manual perspective.

Since most people had shifted to the Internet to interact and do their daily activities, it was only natural for businesses also to adapt to this new way of doing things and even establish their own places online where they can reach out to their clients and prospects, and where their clients and prospects can reach out to them. A win-win situation. But it has been so long now and there are thousands, even millions of business websites online, among other websites. So how do you stand out when you just seem like a drop of water in the ocean?


Online Business Marketing

Business marketing is the key to distinguishing yourself as a business online. Whether you are selling your products or services to another business or to just another client, marketing is fundamental. Remember, no one really knows you exist, even if you have the secret for eliminating war from the earth. You should let people know that you are there and that you are offering something of value. And marketing is the secret and the answer.

Online, a minute is equivalent to an entire day, and an entire day is equivalent to an entire month, and a month is equivalent to an entire year. What I’m trying to say is that things change at a rapid pace on the internet, and only those who are able to keep up are the ones who survive, and whose websites will still be standing another decade from today. Surviving the internet is not a piece of cake because a lot of hard work is necessary.


When SEO meats business directories in 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an approach that one cannot talk about business marketing online without mentioning. It is like the only thing online marketing is about. It involves various techniques to ensure that one’s business can easily be discovered online. The internet works with search engines. These search engines are what index everything online and give us the opportunity of finding whatever we are looking for whenever we make a search on a browser. This makes SEO one of the secrets for marketing your business online. But it’s not really a secret because you cannot talk about online marketing without dealing with SEO.

If you are a company that just set up its website online, there are a few things you should start with to ascertain the success of your website. First, you should list your website on both Google My Business and Bing Business. These are the basic sources to list a website and ensure that it can be easily discovered through a simple search on a search engine.

Google My Business is a simple tool that Google uses to make it possible for websites to be found geographically and contextually. For instance, if you run your business in State X and someone from State X makes a search on your website, it will show up possibly as the first result on the person’s computer. However, if someone from another State does a search on your website, they may not necessarily get the same results as the person from State X where you run your business.

Google’s ability to give such accurate search results depending on the geographical location of a business is based on the information fed to Google My Business. The same is also true about Bing Places for Business which is Microsoft Bing’s version of Google My Business. Having your website listed on these two tools will guarantee that your business shows on the first page of a search engine’s results page.

Business directories are another approach for making your business website visible online. If you have used Yellow Pages before, you should be familiar with what a directory is. Web directories are just like Yellow Pages but somehow more Internet oriented, much like Harvard’s Web Directory. In fact, web directories are a digital version of Yellow Pages.

However, we need to focus on Google compliant directories. These are directories that Google as a search engine loves because they help in ranking websites and mostly because paying a review fee doesn’t mean necessarily getting a backlink like all website owners were used to a few years ago. Some of the best Google compliant online directories you are going to find are:

BOTW – is one of the oldest web directories; it was established in 1994. Surfing it, you’ll discover a UK-specific directory, a blog directory, and even a local directory. BOTW is cited as one of the better directories in many business marketing related books and journals.

Jasmine Directory – established in 2009, is an excellent business directory that’s famous for its human-edited standards and high editorial discretion. The resources that are manually added are labelled as so with an EP mark. Jasmine Directory features universities, magazines, art and of course businesses. Each resource features a thumbnail and contact information for each business.






Alive Directory Alive Directory is a general web directory with strict editorial control to keep a high quality of their index. Businesses have the option of submitting their websites to both general industry categories and relevant categories within their geographical location.

Aviva Directory – launched in 2005, Aviva Directory is unique in that it also contains a distinct

blog directory. This is ideal because it sets apart readers who are only after content from subscribers from business related websites attempting to sell services and products. Aviva Directory should manage to accommodate your listing regardless of the nature of the website you run.

All of these business directories are paid (when suggesting a resource there is a one-time fee or an annual fee involved), however, Jerri Ledford in SEO: Search Engine Optimization Bible explains the tendency of free directories of becoming somohow spammy (hence they accept any resource) compared to paid directories.

Surviving the internet as an online business is all about knowing tricks that are used online to market websites and staying updated on the latest technologies, tips, and tricks. Marketing your website online cannot be avoided if the website is to stay alive and either bring you the money or clients you are after. SEO is a key part of the marketing campaign for any online business.

The above Google compliant business directories, as well as Google My Business and Bing Business, are essential tools for the success of any online business. These tools should be used accordingly and wisely to ensure the success of any online business. These are the tips and tricks you need for your business to be successful online and yield results.



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