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QuickBooks: Free for Students

College Students Benefit

Surviving on a student budget is extremely demanding, particularly if you have to purchase the costly software. QuickBooks is a sought-after and widely renowned accounting software application which allows small business owners and consumers to maintain and monitor their financial records. The program is created to be helpful to those people without major training or experience in an accounting field, but some training is suggested for new QuickBooks users like college students.


Budgeting on a Budget

Faced with many student loans than you know what to do about it, purchasing a costly application for your accounting and business classes is frustrating. For instance, students taking accounting or bookkeeping and payroll classes might be obliged to buy a copy of QuickBooks. Luckily there are QuickBooks software college student discounts accessible.


Free QuickBooks Online for Students

Intuit offers free accounting software for students of the United States. This includes QuickBooks Online. Their students are qualified for free download and a 1-year access to the QuickBooks Online Plus. On the other hand, educators or teachers will receive a free, no-expiring license for QuickBooks online for Bookkeepers.

Schools, teachers, and students alike can receive a free version of QuickBooks Desktop Edition from the company. If you are interested, here’s how you can take advantage of it:

  1. Teachers and schools are qualified for a free, non-expiring license of the QuickBooks Accountant Desktop

  2. Students can register for a free five months trial of the QuickBooks Accountant Desktop

You need to remember that the non-expiring licenses are only intended for desktop computers in the classroom and school computer labs only. The software cannot be downloaded and installed to a device or computer of a student.


How to Qualify for QuickBooks Student Free?

If you want qualified for the QuickBooks Student Free, you should belong to one of the academic institutions below:


Planning to Purchase QuickBooks?

Apart from your college bookstore, you will find a plethora of companies which sell QuickBooks for a discount. However, prices for the software change on a regular basis. Therefore, you need to ensure that you compare different prices online before you make your purchase. Apart from that, you need to be careful with discounts which look too good to be true. That’s because that software might be pirated or the company might be offering a malfunctioning and faulty version of the product.

There you have it! After reading this post about QuickBooks Free for Student, do you think you can qualify? If you qualify as a teacher or student, feel free to download a free student version of QuickBooks Desktop or Online 100% free of charge! But, if you do not qualify to download QuickBooks Desktop for free as a student, fret not. You can still have QuickBooks for 30 days free trials, plus coupons for a discount! More details can be found here