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Samantha Persons

Samantha Persons, Author

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Why cant I be queer in a post-apocalyptic future.

  "Outpost" is a kin to a Homer's epic poem "Telegony" in a indeterminate future. The work of "Outpost" encompasses short films, minor publications, sculpture, installation, and prose.  The project splits between two different voices, One which is the representation of the multiple protagonists currently: Abbie, Beth, and Madison as well as second the voice of the narrator.

  Each piece in "Outpost" is created and organized within a rhizomatic structure, each piece becoming a fragment of a large story. This idea of serialization has a long history in literature, but it is also more prelavent today due to the saturation of multiple platform representation which grant access to binge viewing and synced textual experiences. Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, as well as cinematic sequelization have helped to change the landscape of how information, be it narrative,history, facts are transmitted and digested.
  The "Outpost" project is my investigation into science fiction, survivalist narratives, feral children, NASA, landscape, queer bodies, and role-playing (not the bedroom kind, maybe). A grab bag of interests or a cornucopia of tangential trappings.  The more science fiction I read the less I saw myself in the character written or performed in cinema. The same thing started to happen in survivalist stories. It became really apparent that in the future with all the struggles of humanity I did not belong. You can't be queer if we need to save the species. Your sexual orientation and gender identities are not the concerns of an altruistic world. In reading the likes of Octavia Butler, Arthur C. Clarke, Orson Scott Card, Margaret Atwood, Charles Sheffield, Gene Roddenberry... on occasion there were some minor queer moments, but when it came down to the meat and potatoes of it queer's really don't have a future in the "future".
Science fiction is the place where writers and society look to see possibilities and solve contemporary problems through the lens of a utopic ideal or a dystopic nightmare.
   What does it mean to be queer in a world where there are so few left that you can no longer compare your sexual/gender identity with another ? The characters in "Outpost" have differing degrees of history connected to a time before their present. The narrative in "Outpost" is not about the survival of a species but the places, memories, and "things" that surround Abbie, Beth, and Madison. As a project "Outpost" stretches across the same gamut of materials and representations as science fiction does in contemporary culture. I have not, yet(?), presented the viewer with a physical representation of these characters as to keep their physical traits open to the view, like all good fiction one must leave enough to the read so as they can project themselves in to the roles in which the writer represents.
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