Top 7 Key Benefits And Reasons To Sell On Walmart Marketplace

If you hold a retail company, you should already think about the chance to sell on Walmart marketplace.

Dealers that sell on Walmart marketplace enable the firm to trade an extensive range of goods that are not represented in the store.

According to SimilarWeb, the monthly attendance of is 306.8 visitors. At the same time, the site is on the 89th place regarding attendance in the world.

And this means that retailers have access to millions of prospective buyers.

Why Did the Trading Giant Go Online?

The portal started functioning in 2009. And for eight years of existence has reached an incredible development.

Today, more than 1 million product listings are on the site. Sellers from around the world sell on Walmart marketplace.

According to eMarketer forecasts, Walmart's annual sales would exceed $ 685 billion in the next three years.

Interesting facts about Walmart:

Currently, Walmart is in third place in the online retailer after Amazon and Ebay. These positions they took swiftly in just eight years.

Speaking of such a retail giant Amazon, it is impossible not to notice the truth that nearly half of all products traded are the merchandises of third-party venders. It seems that it was these figures that decided to equal Walmart.

Key Benefits And Reasons To Sell On Walmart Marketplace

Allow now to examine the essential advantages and reasons why you need to sell on Walmart marketplace (omnichannelhub can help you to do that).

1. Access to a multi-million audience. Imagine how much time and money you need to spend so that your site is included in at least the topmost 500 visited sites in your country. We are not discussing the world scale now. As we already mentioned above, more than 300 million people visit the Walmart portal every month. You appear not think that this is a weighty reason for selling to Walmart marketplace.

2. Easy experience for the shopper. Do you memorize the forms for buying the items when you need to fill more than dozen different fields? And you were asked not only the address for delivery but also almost a genealogy for three generations? Remember?

Think, would you have ordered something in such a store again? We believe that it is unlikely. More than that, with a high probability you will hurry to forget this place, like a terrible dream.

And now imagine that clients of Walmart have only a few clicks to place an order. Of course, rather they will return for shopping at Walmart than in this terrible store, where they require unnecessary information.

3. Enhanced security. Security today is a significant factor when choosing a marketplace when whole states are fighting cyber attacks. Still fresh in the memory of an attack on Ukraine with the help of the virus Petya.A. Then the country's critical services were paralyzed for several days. As for e-commerce, then the level of your protection depends on the money and your and your buyer.
Everyone who chooses to purchase or sell on Walmart marketplace may be convinced that its transactions and data are securely protected.

4. Customer support. Everyone who sells on the network regularly needs help. When you buy some complicated equipment, can you do without the user's guide and technical support?

Management of the online store also requires regular contact with customer support. Moreover Walmart is ready to assist at the greatest level!

5. No regular fees. Pay when you sell. If you previously held experience with Amazon, then you now know about the monthly fee for storing listings of your listings on this marketplace. But if you decide to try to sell on Walmart marketplace, you will be charmingly surprised: the charge for managing the service is required only after the sale. No hidden fees.

6. There are no restrictions for the brands. There are no gating charges here. What does this mean for the seller? It's simple. Even if you are a third-party vendor, you do not have to pay an additional payment to sell on Walmart marketplace. So, you would have another good reason to prefer Walmart, not Amazon, where sellers are required to pay the amount of $ 1000 to $ 5000 for the sale of other people's goods.

7. Marketing reports. The need for regular marketing reports is not known, probably only the laziest seller in the world. The qualitative and comprehensive analysis of your activities depends on the choice of the further development vector of your enterprise.

For all those who decided to sell on WalMart marketplace, the platform offers the opportunity of forming deep analytical reports. And all you should make is analyze and obtain the right decisions.


What Else Do You Require to Comprehend to Sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Nonetheless, all its gains, trading on Walmart marketplace maintains its characteristics:

1. Complicated registration. Like any reliable company, Walmart cherishes its name and wants to be confident in its counterparties. To become a seller, you will need to fill out an application form posted on the enterprise's website, provide digital copies of some documents. The validation procedure takes place manually and takes from 2 weeks to a month after the submission of all necessary documents.

2. Sellers from around the world can sell on Walmart marketplace. Around 5% of all who ventured to sell on Walmart market are not US residents. Of course, if you compare it with Amazon, eBay or Etsy, it's not so much, nevertheless and a lot.

3. You can win the Buy Box. If there are several listings on the site with an identical product, the buyer will see them all. But the first highlighted listing will be the one that has the lowest price and free shipping.

Ordinarily, each seller will strive to be first on the list.

4. The higher your rating - the better. At Walmart, as in other platforms, evaluation and feedback from buyers play a significant role. High ratings and positive reviews increase your product in the search query.

5. Do not forget about the qualitative analysis of your target audience. Life is getting faster, and customers spend several times more time shopping at online stores than at a nearby store or shopping center. So, you need to consider their preferences and take care of the appropriate marketing activities.

Speaking of marketing, it's worth mentioning the fact that you can set up your advertising campaigns and manage the store using both API, third-party software, and with the help of the Seller Center.

6. Before publishing the listing, you can test the UX. Another nice feature for those who made the final decision to sell on Walmart marketplace. This option means that before you can publish a listing, you can make a test purchase. Thus, you can look at your product and partner page through the eyes of a prospective client. You will see the shortcomings and will be able to eliminate them before the listing is published.

Which portal will you choose for your eCommerce? Would you sell on Walmart marketplace or pay attention to another platforms? It is your choice.