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Is it Better to Buy a Desktop PC or a Laptop?

It is a necessity to have a computer nowadays. There are two options that you can choose from, a laptop or the more common desktop PC. The one you should buy varies based on what your needs are and how much you are willing to fork over.


The speed of a laptop and a desktop PC are alike and for many it tends to be almost equal. The major difference between laptops and desktops are how well they work when you are playing a game. You can find gaming laptops that are designed to specifically cater to this need. However, these have less power than desktop PCs which is why the best choice for a gamer would be a desktop PC. If you want a computer just to view photos, browse the internet and execute general tasks, then the better choice would be a laptop.


The specifications of a computer are something you must thoroughly check before buying them. Specifications include things such as the memory, hard drive and CPU. Most laptops have fewer specifications than desktop PCs and there aren’t a lot nowadays. A laptop would have a lesser amount of RAM and a more compact hard drive than a desktop PC of the same price. Its graphics adapter would also be weaker. Your CPU is the brain of your computer and it makes a significant difference in how well your laptop performs, which is why it tends to be the same for both laptops and desktops.

Screen Dimensions

When you are looking for your new laptop, the right screen size is extremely important. Fifteen inches measured across would mean that your laptop is heavy but would mean that you can view multiple applications at the same time on the screen and open several dialog boxes and windows. Fourteen inches is a suitable compromise between size and are easier to carry around with you. For a desktop PC the most affordable and suitable size is twenty-two inches, but you can spend a little more and get a bigger screen sized at twenty-seven inches.


If you want to be able to use your computer both at home and when you are at work, then the best choice for you is to go for a laptop. When you have a laptop, you can roam about with your computer and use it wherever you find it most suitable. If you properly charge your laptop, then you can even use it when there is no power source. Also there are quality laptop cooling pads out there that enables you for prolong use of laptops without overheating. A desktop PC will limit you to the place where you have kept it, and as long as you have plugged it into a socket. This is why a laptop is best, as it can be used wherever you want, whenever you want. Laptops are also more enjoyable as they come with many features that you cannot access with a desktop. A laptop also lets you adjust your position based on what is most comfortable for you.