Hosted PBX An ideal solution for small business communication

If you are running a small business and looking for a cost-efficient, fast, and reliable communication system, hosted PBX will be right for you. It is very important for small businesses to minimize as much cost as they can in the beginning to maximize their profits. In fact, if you don’t make cost-efficient decisions at the start, it will hurt you in the long run.

The traditional telephony systems can be quite expensive for small-scale businesses, especially if they have to make international calls or frequently communicate with their stakeholders. Having a Hosted PBX solution helps them cut down on the communication cost and have a fast communication service.

Hosted PBX
It is a type of VoIP technology that provides a web-based communication platform for businesses at affordable rates. You are not required to have a physical infrastructure with the hosted PBX, because the calls are made via the internet. In fact, there are no charges for making calls within the company, regardless of where the employees are located.

In other words, you don’t need to have a physical telephony system with the hosted PBX system. It is an enterprise level communication that offers complete services to fulfill business needs. Hosted PBX comes with unified communications (UC) network that runs on the vendor’s cloud-based system. It means that the companies that adopt the hosted PBX system don’t have to worry about the maintenance cost. Moreover, they can ask the service provider for additional features based on the business needs.

Hosted PBX – The Rapidly Growing VoIP Technology
It has been reported that more and more businesses have started implementing this technology during the past few years. The sales rapidly increased between 2013 and 2014 by 32 percent, which was quite significant. The rising demand gives a clear indication that the hosted PBX has turned out to be quite helpful for companies as it offers enhanced features to experience better connectivity.

Many researchers have observed that the key driving factor that contributed to its growth was that it reduces the communication cost dramatically compared to the traditional telephony systems.

How does Hosted PBX Help Businesses Save?
Businesses can save money in so many ways by employing the hosted PBX technology. In fact, the savings start as soon as it is implemented by the companies as they don’t have to make any initial installations. Vendors are responsible for the hosting and provide all the components, whereas, organizations are only required to have phones. This results in overall cost reduction of the business. For example, they don’t have to payFlexibility and Time Saving
It is very easy to add or reduce the lines with the hosted PBX. Companies can request the service providers to increase or decrease the lines based on their business requirements. All they have to do is contact the vendors and request the changes.

When companies implemented the hosted PBX system, they don’t require any involvement of a technical staff. Instead, the service providers manage the infrastructure; they also train the company staff and resolve any query that arises. This enables companies to focus on their core business as they save plenty of time that could be spent on resolving helpdesk queries and sorting out infrastructure issues. All the infrastructure updates, system updates, and other data center requirements are taken care of by the service providers.

Features Offered
You can add any features to the system, depending on the business requirements. With the hosted PBX, company employees can receive or make business calls on different mobile devices with a single number. It can convert the voicemails to the text and allow the user to choose the device on which he or she wishes to receive the messages and calls.

To be more competitive, businesses need mobility and this is exactly what the hosted PBX offers. It allows employees to transfer calls or messages via a wireless connection. Moreover, since the entire communication happens via wireless internet, you don’t have to pay any additional charges for international calls. It offers a complete solution with a very good voice quality regardless of which device you are using for communication.