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Educational advice and tips on how to easily stop weed after years

Smoking weed can become a really dangerous habit that can take totally over your life. This addiction not only affects your health, but it also endangers your closest relationships for instance, dealings with your family and friends. Quitting marijuana is not a simple task but it is not too hard. Weed addiction is mainly psychological, you can learn more about how to stop smoking pot by clicking here. This means that you need to feel mentally ready to give up your habit in order to do so. With this said, here you have a couple of pieces of advice that can help you:

Make up a support system and let them know

Tell your family members and trustworthy friends that you have decided to quit your drug addiction. This is important because having their support can benefit you. They can support you in any way they can. They can also make sure you don’t hang out with friends that used to smoke with you.

Get ready for withdrawal

The only good thing about weed withdrawal is that it doesn’t last too long in comparison with other drugs. This one begins 1 day after you finally quit, but it gets rough the next 2 or 3 days. Once a week or two have passed, the symptoms can level off. There are cases when the person doesn’t experience any or all of the following: sleeplessness, lack of appetite, irritability, anxiety and fever.

Get yourself a hobby

Choosing a replacement activity can help you because it keeps you busy during your free time. Whether if it is taking up a new hobby, or doing sports, it can do wonders whenever you are feeling bored, depressed or eager to smoke. So, start watching movies, learn to play guitar, take long walks, or become a superb chef. There are millions of hobbies out there.

Re-order your daily routine

Taking up a new hobby is part of this step. You should also change your routine in such a way that you don’t have free time to miss weed. In your morning: consider getting up earlier or much later; change your breakfast menu; and start having a shower if you didn’t before. At work/school: use different routes to go and return; change desks if you can; have something different for lunch. In the afternoons: include your new hobbies; and spend more time with family and friends.

Learn how to control the urges

It is a fact that you will have an urge to smoke, so it's important to know what to do in those cases. Firstly, you should avoid the “trigger” locations which make you want to smoke. Secondly, if you feel that you are getting the urge to smoke, just get out of there as fast as you can; a change in scenery is an instant relief. Thirdly, keep your mouth busy by chewing gum, eating candy or munching a pencil. Fourthly, drink plenty of water.

Follow these steps and you should be fine. Many people have struggle with weed addiction and defeated it. You can do it as well.