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Ahmad Zohadi: A Person of Letters

 “Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in diversity.” – Aristotle

The quench for knowledge and education of a lot of people never ends. Quite a lot of such intellectual people in this world just can’t get enough of being polished and educated. And Ahmad Zohadi is one of those knowledgeable people. The academic history of this ‘person of letters’ is absolutely inspiring and outstanding, to say the least. At present, he not just holds more than a few school degrees, but has acquired them from some of the most esteemed universities in the world. He got an incredible start, graduating from the Harvard University for Middle Eastern Studies.
Far along, this knowledgeable gentleman never shied away from education and knowledge. This Iranian architect, publisher, and researcher hold more than a few degrees from some extremely prestigious institutes together with Canadian University of Dubai, North Carolina State University a land-grant university and a constituent institution of the University, The Catholic University of America and United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.
Lay your eyes on some of the significant universities, this scholar acquired his academic trainings from.

With a number of noteworthy degrees to his credit, Ahmad Zohadi is one of the most capable persons in the domain. What makes his story even more wonderful is that he has won quite a lot of awards and honours, showing that nothing could hold him back from standing out in his arena. Ahmad Zohadi, the CEO and editor-in-chief of architectural magazine, 2A considers that lifelong education and learning is indispensable to a blissful life. That’s why; he plans to keep learning while earning knowledge although he has stepped up from academics.

The impulse to learn is everlasting and in such ways, Mr. Ahmad Zohadi has only enriched his desire for knowledge.