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Unique Wallpaper: What Decor Gift You Can Present Your County Girl With

If you are country at heart, you obviously may like gifts, which are one way or another connected with country life, and especially those gifts that will add some charm of country style to my apartment, like unique wallpaper with the appropriate images or patterns. Thus, the gift guide that we are going to present you below is just for the people who love country style.

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So, let’s start considering what gifts can be a good idea for presenting them to a country girl.


1.      Sullivan jugs
Any interior starts with unique wallpaper (like Schumacher wallpaper, for instance). Such wallpapers create a special atmosphere and style of the whole design. And this atmosphere is emphasized with small details, like porcelain Sullivan jugs, for instance. They are unique with the way they are painted – a crackled way of painting – and a vintage look that your country girl is going to be excited about.


2.      Convenient French console table
Any country design lover will really appreciate getting such beautiful gift with delicate lines. At the same time, it is a very functional gift with a drawer that you won’t see in tables of this range, and a bottom shelf. You may use such French table as a table for sofa. In the interior with unique wallpaper from the shop wallpaper the French console table will be just at the right place.


3.      Old window frame made of wood
Extremely popular nowadays vintage frames look very country-like and will become a favourite place for photos next to it (because they are not built for holding photos), dolls or just a comfortable place for sitting by. Made of recycled wood, such frames are offered in various colors, to suit any country design. The height of such window frame is 22 inches, width is 18 inches and depth is 1 inch. With the background of vintage or country-style unique wallpaper from MahonesWallpaperShop such small décor details will create an atmosphere of comfort and convenience.


4.      Door knobs and wall hooks of antique design
An easy touch of country style just from the porch of the house can be made with door knobs or wall hooks, which are made in the design of antique art. For a real country-girl such gentle touch of style will be a nice and pleasant gift that the country-at-heart person is surely going to love. And the correct choice of unique wallpapers will be emphasized with such delicate hand-painted things with ideally sculpted details. Such door knobs and wall hooks are not only beautifully looking, but also functional: they can hold coats, towels and other staff.


5.      Shakers for pepper and glass mason for salt
Sometimes I wonder, whether people who kept salt in mason jars could imagine that this glass capacity would be so popular as an item of home décor. At present, you may think of something from the mason jar theme. Such adorable shakers for salt and pepper are designed as bottles with a tin top. They easily fit every gift box,


6.      Round baskets of vintage style made of wire
For a country-at-heart person this “bag” will be something unique. Every gift guide includes such wire basket. In every house that is designed with a country style these round baskets will be a treasure.


7.      Candleholders made of wood
I am a country-at-heart person, and if you ask me what I want to get as a present for my birthday or for Christmas, the first on my list would be this one: I want to have wooden vintage candleholders, which would look ideally beautiful in front of the walls covered with unique wallpaper.


8.      Serving tray
The uniqueness of Iazy Susan serving tray is in the material that it is made of. They took 100% oak barrels and recycled them. Up to five years these oak barrels were used for keeping wine in them. The tray is safe and friendly to food products. The felt is used for mounting it, and it is a perfect protection for tables and countertops.

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9.       A bucket stand with two tiers with galvanized cover
At present, such items of décor with galvanized cover are one of the main elements of room decorating. The outer look of the bucket stand is pleasant and weathered, with a firm and sturdy handle on the top. Such bucket stand fits and looks suitable in a bathroom, or in the kitchen, or in any room where you want to add some touch of country style. The height of the bucket stand is 1 inches.


10.       A table runner with burlap and lace fabric
In every house of country style design there should be a table runner as an obligatory element of table setting. The combination of two different fabrics (lace and burlap) creates an image of style, and moreover, it is an ideal place to work on. The width of a table runner is 12 inches, and the length is 108 inches.


11.       Frameless wall clock
Here we can be short – very realistic (though artificial) wood finish without glass. Such clock hanged on the wall with country-style unique wallpaper will make your interior look more authentic.

  Schumacher wallpaper

In general
The main feature of country style is creation of dwelling interior in the rural spirit. The only thing is to first determine the country, color of which you want to transform the room. The whole house or one room in it can remind you of a Mexican hacienda, a Ukrainian hut, a Swiss chalet, an American ranch or an English cottage.


Most often in this style, they arrange country cottages and villas. In this case, all the premises of a dwelling are arranged in the same topic.


However, the country style can also be used in repair of urban apartments, and in this spirit it is possible to equip only one room. Most relevant this style is in the interior of dining room, kitchen, living room or bedroom.


Materials for country style

An important condition when choosing materials is to avoid ultramodern new products that are not environmentally friendly or natural. Do not use linoleum, plastic panels, stretch ceilings, etc. As minimum, use glass and chrome surfaces. But bronze, old metal and forging will be very appropriate.


Wall decoration


·         textile wallpaper with floral pattern or vinyl wallpaper;

·         simple paper wallpaper with a flower, strip or cage pattern;

·         cloth in stripes or with floral pattern;

·         decorative plaster;

·         stone or brickwork;

·         board or wooden panels;

·         combining several types of finishes.

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·         parquet board;

·         tiles or decorative stones;

·         mats and carpets with high pile;

·         mats and tracks, self-winding.


Ceiling in country style
Ceilings can be trimmed with wood or painted white. The popular decoration of the ceilings in the country style is wooden beams.

Color spectrum
In the interior of the country style, you can apply any shade, the main condition - the tone should not be too saturated and bright. It is desirable to use natural colors: beige, green, terracotta, blue, discreet yellow, as well as shades of wood, morning sky and autumn foliage.

Country furniture
For such interiors appropriate furniture, which is distinguished by straight lines and a minimum of decor. It should be unpolished, somewhat rough, possibly painted. Suitable are simple sound tables, the same chairs or even benches, hinged shelves and cabinets, simple beds and sofas. In the dining room, hallway and living room forged and wicker furniture will look good.


Choose a country style for your home - and you are provided with comfort and coziness!