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Online Wallpaper Store's Creative Ideas for Hi-Tech Style in Interior

When somebody mentions “hi-tech style”, most of us imagine the picture of something like steel-colored dark-grey interior, with Spartan conditions and minimalistic design. So, is it really?

Let’s look at the definition of the notion: high-technology is a modern, stylish and saucy interior style, which attracts with its thoughtfully located furniture and appliances, minimum of décor and artificial materials usage.


When you choose wallpapers in online wallpapers store for the room of hi-technology style, it means that the person who is going to live in this room, is a very dynamic, proactive, ambitious, motivated and always in motion.



The design of hi-tech in your apartment will be timeless; with it unique elegancy, modern appliances, chic beauty and all those smooth and shiny surfaces.


What features are general for hi-tech?


·         Items of furniture are made of metal, as well as glass or plastic

·         Much of free and open space, clean surrounding and almost no decoration

·         Correct order of things and furniture (we mean ergonomics here) and functionality

·         Active usage of modern technology and “smart house”

·         Wall paint or wallpapers (like Schumacher wallpaper or Phillip Jeffries wallpaper), furniture and floors, as well as ceiling, are of a single color

·         Black and white colors, as well as grey, are restrained

·         In the style, bright color accents are obligatory, like orange or red chairs, or green kitchen façade

·         Strict geometry of the lines; as a rule, rectangular or square are mostly used, and almost no round and flowing lines


Of course, if we compare rooms of country style and hi-tech style, the first will look much more comfortable with its wooden items and warm-colored York wallcoverings; or, for instance, with marine or tropic style, where there is an atmosphere of total relaxation, while hi-tech style is all about freedom and progress.


Furniture and textile


Furniture in hi-tech style is mostly made of plastic or glass and includes fixed appliances, and sofas of strict lines. Chairs should look like office, but anyway, they demand upholstery made of leather (natural or synthetic), and metal items.


In this style, only modern appliances are used, fixed wardrobes, few shelves and (the law of the hi-tech style) very strict symmetry.


One more vital point of hi-tech style is richness of mirrors on the surfaces of tables, cabinets, kitchen units, and etc., but minimal quantity of décor. Any monophonic painting with the framework of strict lines or colorful cushions can be a bright spot in the interior.



Textile is not so often used in hi-tech style, but anyway:


·         Curtains are not textile ones, but replaced with metal blinds. But it is quite possible to combine shutters with long curtains of white colors, which are mounted in the ceiling in the hidden cornices. But remember – no curtains with patterns, no pelmets, and no holders.

·         As for upholstery, as a rule it is replaced with leather; cushions are accepted to be of cloth; sofas; upholstery can be of fabric, but the color of the space must be smooth and monochromatic.

·         If speaking about hi-tech kitchen, don’t use here colorful things, like towels or tablecloth. In such style, this is the territory of flat and smooth surface, glassy tops, appliance with multiple functions and options, and modern-styled lighting.


The modern design of an apartment or house is quite different from the traditional style of its approach, the choice of decorative elements, functionality and feature of furniture. Technological design reflects our reality, slightly anticipating the present. And this direction is actively used in the design of apartments and houses. One way to achieve interesting effects are high-tech wallpapers from Mahones Wallpaper Shop, they are characterized by visual realistic imitation of architectural designs and textures that exist only in the photo.



10 signs of high-tech style:

Or How to choose the color of wallpaper in online wallpaper store


Style hi-tech in the interior can be interpreted and implemented in different ways. To do this, use typical colors, various effects with space for wall decoration, as well as technologies that are commonly referred to as high-tech.


Usually the "tools" of the designer include:


·         Flexible lines, smoothly flowing into each other.

·         Restrained colors of Thibaut wallpaper or any other from the online wallpaper store;

·         Deep matte and ultra-glossy textures. High-tech wallpapers can be covered with glossy UV varnish or transfer a feeling of matte coating;

·         Metallized finish in high-tech is considered a natural complement to the interior;

·         All shades of gray and black - in interesting combinations or restrained color images with neon effects. Gray hues of high-tech richly look on the textured surfaces of the walls, covered with wallpaper with the texture of flax or sand, responding to the characteristics of brutal style;

·         Spatial 3D shapes on wallpaper - high-tech style wallpaper often depict cubic and spiral shapes, plots with a restrained color scheme that expands the space;

·         Photo wallpapers in high-tech style can convey all the details of the bulk texture of concrete and rough masonry;

·         Real photos in black and white or natural colors with the predominance of the base color are often used on photo wallpapers.

·         High-tech products used in the design of high-tech style, for example, in the form of aerial photography on photo wallpapers.

·         High-tech photo - space, terrestrial architectural ensembles and complexes.


High-tech wallpaper from online wallpaper store often conveys a geometric texture. It can be decorated with metalized and pearlescent formulations. This approach is emphasized by author's exclusive design solutions implemented in your living room, bedroom, studio with the help of photo wallpapers. It is chosen by people who want to create their own stylish space.


Classics as a basis


If you like classics, it may well become a donor of decorative elements of hi-tech style, which are depicted on photo wallpapers. The choice of classical ornament is natural, firstly, philosophical context and connection of times are emphasized, and secondly, baroque rosettes look great with the metallic effect.


High-tech photo wallpapers with elements of classic decor usually combine contrasting or close in tone shades, creating an interesting game of light and shadow. The combination of brutal unprocessed concrete and exquisite ornaments, like a picture of beauty, is a game of emotions that engenders many associations.