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Ken Londoner Invests in Catheter Ablation

Atrial fibrillation or irregular heart rhythms is a medical condition caused by small electrical sources within the heart, in the form of electrical spinning tops. In the past couple of year’s doctors and researchers have quite perfected the so called catheter ablation procedure, but just how successful the procedure is, we can’t say with certainty because fixing irregular heartbeats can be potentially fatal. Fortunately, there are some promising technologies and developments used for AF ablation that might improve the outcomes of the procedure. Ken Londoner is executive chairman and director of BioSig Technologies, a privately held company developing new system designed to improve the outcomes of EP studies and cardiac catheter ablation.

In around 74 percent of patients, burning or freezing specific areas of the heart can help with reduce the common irregular heart beat called atrial fibrillation. But as researchers report, there are some risks of complications, and the procedure doesn't necessarily work for everyone. Patients who can’t control atrial fibrillation with medications are often recommended with catheter ablation. Because of its satisfactory success rate it is a reasonable alternative for treating atrial fibrillation. Catheter ablation can be performed with reasonable safety and efficacy at an experienced center, but nevertheless occasional complications may occur which is why companies like BioSig led by Ken Londoner invest in further trials and evaluate the benefits and risks of such procedure.

For some patients with atrial fibrillation catheter ablation has become an essential therapeutic intervention. When it comes maintaining middle-aged patients with paroxysmal AF in sinus rhythm, catheter ablation has proved to be more effective than any antiarrhythmic drug.  From 2012 to 2017,in the United States the number of AF and VT ablations has grown to 10.5 percent. Londoner is confident that their proprietary platform system can assist medical technology electrophysiologists in clinical decision making during procedures to diagnose and treat patients with abnormal heart rates and rhythms.  The company’s main goal is to deliver technology which can improve the quality of life of over 2.7 million Americans suffering from atrial fibrillation, as well as millions of people worldwide.

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