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Ken : Higher Prices of Medical Devices

The high price of medical devices, particularly those based on high technology, is one of the key factors that is hindering United States' growth of this market, states BioSig Technologies, Inc founder and executive chairman, Kenneth Londoner. For example, cardiac implants are becoming more and more expensive because of the increased technical sophistication of the device. Furthermore, the medical devices industry is currently one of the highest tax paying sectors, which of course translates to higher prices of medical devices. Because of that, patients that need implantation procedures will have to give more money from their pockets.

According to Kenneth's video and other field experts, by 2018, the U.S. implantable medical devices market will be worth around $73,944.3 million. For now, the leading segment of medical implants is orthopedic implants, and this segment solely is expected to bring about revenue of $38,043.3 million, by that same year. The ever increasing demand for orthopedic implantation procedures is result of the escalating rate of orthopedic procedures, and the rapid growth of the number of older persons.

Procedures like spinal fixation and fusion, total knee and hip replacements are only going to increase this demand. Neurology and ophthalmology which ranked on the second and third spot on this list were pushed out by orthopedics and vascular sectors. But for Kenneth Londoner the wild card was drug delivery which appeared on the top 10 list for the first time ever. However, he do believes that this trend will continue, and more noninvasive or minimally therapies will be delivered. Recently we witnessed investment in minimally invasive devices, which should take some of the market shares from drugs or unique tech for drug delivery.

 Medical device investors mostly stick to the usual, well-known sectors, with a history of being more profitable, but in the last few years, first-time investments were mainly focused in cardiovascular, orthopedics, vascular and surgical deals. Mitral valve replacement helped promote and boost cardio medical devices and deals, which throughout the year attracted a number of major acquirers and partners. Kenneth Londoner and BioSig Technologies, Inc. continue to work on developing a proprietary technology platform designed to improve the electrophysiology marketplace.

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