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Simon Arias, Arias Agencies And Their Insurance Products

About Simon Arias
Simon Arias is a successful businessman who specializes in Insurance. He began his career in American Income Life Insurance Company and rose to an executive level within just one year after joining. He raked in so much sales that he began to earn a six-figure salary
Simon Arias became a State General Agent in four different states at the same time. He became the State General Agent in Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland and West Virginia. He was named State General Agent of the year two consecutive times. A feat no one else has achieved. He became the youngest State General Agent at the age of 24. American Income Life Insurance Company has never raised any employee to that level at that young age.
Simon Arias would not have been able to achieve all he has achieved without the help and guidance of two of his colleagues – a Regional Director and a fellow SGA. What kept him going was his passion to help people out of financial predicament and to also help his team achieve their goals. He is always ready to mentor as many youth as possible.
He has personally funded two different programs to help the youth become entrepreneurs and to help people gain financial independence.
His hard work and magnanimity have both earned him several recognitions and awards. Considering his personal traits and proven track record, it is not so much of a surprise that his personal company became a huge success in the very first year.
About Arias Agencies
Arias Agencies is a company established by Simon Arias in 2008. The company represents American Income Life Insurance Company in West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida. Ever since it was founded, it started growing rapidly. The secret of the rapid growth is nothing but Simon’s “Midas Touch”.
It has always been listed among the best places to work in Pittsburgh every year since 2012. He is obsessed with making all his team members successful and he mentors and supports them with all he’s got. That was why when he was announced as the SGA of the year, emotions ran high. Some cheered and some cried. It was a decision nobody could contest.
Arias Agencies sell the insurance products of American Income Life Insurance Company. The insurance products offered by American Insurance Company and marketed by Arias Agencies are Freedom of Choice programs, Family Information Guide, No Cost Products, Protection Plans, Supplemental Health Insurance and Life Insurance.
Life Insurance
The main product sold by Arias Agencies is Life Insurance. This has been subdivided into 4 types listed below:
Whole Life Insurance
Whole life insurance policy provides entire lifetime coverage. The premium for this never increases. The policyholder pays the same amount as premium all through his life. It is believed to be quite expensive since the holder has to pay the premium throughout his life time.
The policy holder chooses the amount of benefit that should be given to his family upon his death. The premium is based off of the chosen amount. This benefit is paid in full to the beneficiary. This policy helps to cater for the financial needs of the family of the policyholder when he dies.
This policy gives the family liberty to make certain funeral choices for the late policyholder. They can choose the funeral home, type of funeral and choose the funeral location of the policy holder.
Term Life Insurance
This provides coverage for a limited period of time. It is usually less expensive than whole life insurance. It is meant to cater for the financial needs of your family when you lose your source of income. There are several policies under this category of life insurance based on your budget and needs.
The other two categories of life insurance are Head Start program and Final Expense Insurance. All of them have their advantages. You only need a professional guide to help you select the best life insurance program for you.
Head Start Program
This is meant for kids that are either 17 years or below. Parents can purchase a life insurance policy for them. The policy will last for their lifetime.
Final Expense Insurance
This is meant to cater for the funeral expenses of the policyholder. Losing your loved one and losing your money to funeral expenses can be devastating especially when you can hardly afford the expenses. This is why this policy was created.
For more information on any of the policies, you can call Arias Agencies on 412-235-2385 

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