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Sign in Hotmail is possible through, the new version of Hotmail. They must enter and they will be redirected to Outlook, where they can log in. Thousands of users try to access Hotmail and they are still searching for it. But the reality is that Hotmail disappeared to become Outlook. Next, we'll tell you everything you need to know to be able to access Hotmail.
There are different ways to start hotmail login, and for this we tell you how to do it, from the beginning. When opening the browser, they may have the Google site as a cover page. Possibly they have searched "Hotmail login" or "Hotmail email" and have entered our site. Now, to enter your email, I leave different options:

You can enter by clicking here.

                                                                       hotmail sign in

They can write in the address of their browser or (for that matter it is the same, since if they write, they will be redirected to the front page of Outlook).
When they are finally on the cover of Outlook, what they should do is enter their username and below, the password they have chosen. With this, they will be able to start log in. As you can see, it is very simple to do. But if they have any kind of problem, do not hesitate to ask us for help, if you can not sign in Hotmail.

How to use hotmail email ?

This article was created to give you support on how you can access your email account follow step by step everything that we detail below.
First of all what we will do is enter the main page of by the way we have introduced above.

As you know Outlook came to the market to replace therefore in a few years we will have all the possibility of being able to enter our hotmail email from the MSN website. Also if you want to start Hotmail you can go to and search for the word HotmaIil login you will see that in the first position you will see the Outlook website to log in.


When you enter the main page of you will see a page similar to the one we present below, if you want to register hotmail go to the left where it says "Hotmail sign up" so if you want to register below you will find a button that says "Sign up!" click on that button.

As for us what we are interested in is Hotmail login email, we will use the right part, as you can see in the image above, where the form to start Hotmail is shaded with a red rectangle. As you can see this account with two boxes the first one that says "Microsoft account" and the second one that does not have title but it is where we will place our password, correctly fill in the spaces by placing your email account and your password. Once placed this we click on "login" and ready this will take us to our hotmail inbox

Once in your inbox you can manage all your emails that you receive and send. As you can see there is no longer the cover that was before in where we showed at the top buttons to go to our inbox, messenger or skydrive, also accompanied to the right of a hotmail advertisement. As you can see in their new Microsoft interface, all that has been eliminated, making the clients when they log in, arrive at a clean and innovative platform without much graphic noise.

In our blog we have more information about hotmail(outlook) 2018 if your intention is to manage this to the fullest, we invite you to walk through our blog where you can find everything related to Hotmail(outlook) 2018

Logging in of hotmail or outlook is the same

Outlook(hotmail) 2018 is the most effective messaging management system (email) that has ever been created. This payment license software was born in 1990 when it was included for the first time in the Microsoft Office 90 packages that included the programs, Microsoft Words, Excell, Powerpoint and Outlook.


The integration of this new system took a few years to be used massively as there were not so many email systems. In the year 1997 when Microsoft acquired the company that today has become this has a big acceptance by the users. It was one of the first free messaging system where today it has more than 350,000,000 (millions) of active accounts, this is almost 5% of the world population.

Although the Outlook system for desktop did not have a massive success in a quick way, I feel that the integration with the email accounts was a bit difficult for unskilled people. Nowadays the Microsoft company and web pages as they offer interactive guides where you can have an easy understanding of how to add your account to Outlook. It should be noted that Outlook for desktop today carries the name of Windows Live Mail a more user friendly and easy to use platform.

The Microsoft Office package that today has Outlook(hotmail) 2018 this package has generated a profit this year of 22,300,000,000 (Twenty-three thousand dollars) according to the publication made by the Wall Street Journal of August 6, 2018.

Outlook(hotmail) 2018 is the latest version that Microsoft Offices offers us today, although many say that more versions will come soon but no longer with the name of Outlook if not as we discussed earlier under the name of Windows Live Mail. If you want to download the latest versions of this! you just have to enter the main page of Microsoft, Logging in of hotmail or outlook is the same .