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Hotmail is the new server to use the different email devices of Microsoft. In this application you can sign in into Hotmail, Hotmail mail, Msn and Live. Hotmail is one of the great inventions of Microsoft, because using 4 email devices in only one system is very easy! Also, it has a great appearance, it is very similar to operative system Windows 8. Sign in hotmail will remain easy, as you can access as you normally do, entering to site or searching “Hotmail sign in” word in search engines as Google. Either way, you will be redirected to Outlook and will be able to login as usual.

How to sign in to Hotmail?


It is very simple, you only have to enter to your favorite explorer and type the URL sign in) Also, if you type some of the old domains of Live, Outlook , Hotmail or Msn, you will be able to enter to this area.

After having access to this zone, you will see a screen like this:

There you will have to fill some blanks like you see in the screen: In this space you have to type your email address. Don’t forget the “@” and the domain at the end of the email address. An example for this could be: “” Or something like that. You will be able to sign in to your email with every domain we have told you here.

Password: Here you will have to type your password. We suppose you remember that.

If you have forgotten your password you will have to click “Can’t Access to Account”

Hotmail is an application created by Microsoft to allow the public to check their emails, answer them, and doing anything around the email.


Hotmail is already on the market and has all the features of Gmail from Google. Microsoft has been going further and made sure that you can sign in hotmail from your web and also from your devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Let´s see how you can enter to Hotmail(outlook) from your iOS device:

How sign in to hotmail from your iPhone or iPad through the web:

You can sign in hotmail and as you can see, the site is adapted for every mobile device. If you wish, you can preview the desk version.

If you are using iPhone to enter to Hotmail an alert can be shown saying that you must updated to recent Safari. Don´t follow the instruction and click on ¨Continue¨.

How to enter to hotmail(outlook) on your iPhone or iPad with Mail app:

Web version is not the one. The best thing to do is setting up your Mail app. To do that just follow these steps:

1. Go to Adjustments

2. Search for Mail, contacts, calendar

3. Click on ¨Add an account¨

4. Select ¨Hotmail¨

5. Fill the fields with your mail address and password

6. To finish, select the data you want to sync

With these simple steps, you have already setup your mail account.
As Outlook(hotmail) is a very new service, new Mail app that work on Android devices, doesn´t recognise these kind of accounts so you must setup manually.

There are two different ways to setup an Hotmail account and sign in hotmail on Android

If your mail app of your Android device supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts you can setup Hotmail account from that option to receive Push notifications. You must enter these data:

1. Setup (Exchange)

2. Domain / Username: ( Enter your username

3. Password: Enter the password

4. Use safe connection (SSL): Activated

5. Accept all SSL certificates: Disabled

Once you entered these data, go to setup sync by choosing the new mail way  (Push notifications), sync calendar and hotmail account with your device, etc.

If your device doesn´t count with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support, you must setup your Hotmail account as a POP3  one. You must enter your username and password and give to the next or manual setup, select POP3 and enter the following data:

1. Username: Enter your username

2. Password: Enter the password

3. POP3 server:

4. Port: 995

5. Security Type: SSL/TLS (accept all certificates) or SSL (accept all certificates)

6. SMTP server:

7. Port: 587

8. Security type: None

9. Ask for sign up: Disabled

If you want to be deleted all mails you had erased from Android app, you must tell it to the field ¨ Delete server email¨  so you must open sign in) and go to Setup/Manage your account/ POP and deleting downloaded messages. Select ¨Do what the other program requieres: if messages are requiered to be deleted, do it¨

Once you fill in those data just finish setup your account by adjusting sync, notifications and the option to check if there are new emails. With POP3 notifications are not online.

How does hotmail outlook work?

In the beginning, Hotmail was only used to check the emails (Different emails, even Gmail).

But with the new operating system, Windows 8, Hotmail took a new paper into the Microsoft Industry, because this application became into the most important email administrator. This was possible because Microsoft decided to eliminate Hotmail and Live, like autonomous services and they became into a part of Outlook.

Now, if you go to the old domain of Hotmail, you will be sent to the Outlook website.

No often, this does not means that the old “” mails are not useful. Is just that they are not administrated by “Hotmail” as they used to be. They are now a part of the new server.

Hotmail Outlook is possible thanks to the new technologies of Microsoft, especially, the operative system Windows 8.

The new things you will find while you are checking your email at the new platform of Outlook are:

Great speed while surfing between the inbox and the other folders.

More quality of sending messages, with a send error percentage lower than before.

All services of Microsoft in one.

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