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<h3>Gmail Login - Having trouble accessing your Gmail account? Learn how to login to Gmail, reset your password or are looking how to Gmail sign up then you are at right place.This tutorial will guide you step by step.</h3> Today I am going to tell you how to sign up for a Gmail Account. Now a days email account is must, It is medium to know one’s identity professionally as well as it is used in daily life nowadays to send and receive emails and other important documents. If you use <a href="">Hotmail login</a> instead then proceed to its page.<p>There are thousands of email service providers, but you need to select the best & easy email provider. So here I have provided some steps on How to Sign up for Gmail Account, because <a href="">Gmail login</a> is one of the simple and fastest email service provide across the World.Gmail is the product of Google as you all know Google is biggest Data center across the world, Gmail takes mili-seconds to open. So I will suggest you there is no email service better than Gmail. Gmail provides so many features like free email services, sending and receiving important documents, images, scanned copies and many more in a secured manner.</p><p>Most of the people use Gmail account for Business, Service, Personal purpose which needs high security, in such cases Gmail is the only email account which provides security off-course fee of cost along with lots of features.</p><!-- Ads 1 --><p>I personally use Gmail account because it is simple to create a new account via <a target="_blank" href="">Gmail Sign in</a>.</p><p>What I personally like in Gmail account is IP address tracking system, the best security feature that I have ever seen in any email service provider.</p><p>If you daily sign in to your Gmail account from your mobile, laptop, computer Gmail save your login credential, in that case if somebody from outside try to login your Gmail account, then Gmail will alert you and told you to change your password and upgrade your security.<br /><br />As I am Gmail user since last 8 years so I believe if you talk about email services nobody can beat Gmail because it has some unique and different features from others email service providers. Simple user interface & best security features make Gmail more attractive and easy to use.</p><!-- Ads 1 --><p>So here I am going to tell how to sign up for Gmail account step by step. Also, you should know the way how to keep your account secure while sign up.</p><h2>FOLLOW THE STEPS TO CREATE YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT LOGIN</h2><p>You can watch this video and understand <a href="">how to create Gmail account.</a></p><p>Don’t like to watch video, its ok read the text instead, I have mentioned below how to create Gmail account step by step and also <a href="">Gmail Login</a>.</p><ul><li>First of all open your browser and write or simply login from here <a href=""></a>. You will see one image given below just like that.</li></ul><p> </p><ul><li>Click on Create an account link just below to sign in box, it’s written in short font but you have to find it, after clicking you will be redirected to sign up page where in big font written “Create your Google Account”.</li><li>Now, in the form given, you need to write your information, first enter your first name then last name, after that choose your username which you will use while signing in your account so choose the best & simple one which you can learn easily.</li><li>Sometime the username you entered has been already taken by someone so that time Google show someone already has that username. Try another? But the best thing in Gmail is that it show available option like for example if my name is Anjali Tyagi and I want my username like but if this username is already taken by someone Gmail will suggest me and give me a hint like anjalityagi31, tyagianjali01.</li></ul><p>I will suggest you to write your date of birth in username.</p><ul><li>Now one of the most important thing “Create a password” password and it plays a very important role in every account. If your password is leaked, anyone can hack your account and theft information of your personal account so try to keep your password strong so that it’s not easy for anyone to guess your password. There are so many hackers who daily hacks million of accounts due to their low security. so I will suggest you make your password strong like alphanumeric. Common words are easy to guess so make it large and strong for example “ZAQ!2wsx+_)(” this password is strong very difficult to guess for anyone, after creating your password again confirm your password. If you will write wrong you are not able to go for next steps.</li></ul><ul><li>After all above steps now rest steps are too simple enter your date of birth, select your Gender Male, Female or comes in other category. After this enter your phone number, first select your country from where you are, and enter a valid number because on that number a verification pin will be send just after this step.</li></ul><ul><li>If you have any current email address enter this will help you in such cases like if you forgot your login credential, this will help you to recover your account as soon as possible, but no need to worry if you don’t own any Gmail email account you can leave this option and go for another one.</li></ul><ul><li>Now next is so simple prove you’re not a robot you can skip this verification if you don’t like it OR you can type the text which shown in image you can also change the image or go for audio sound verification.</li><li>In last select your location that from where you are as I am from US I selected US.</li><li>After that click on the ticker I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy if you want to read you can just click on the link. After that, click on the next step.</li><li>After doing all above steps you will be redirected to a new page where it will be written Verify your account.</li></ul><p>You’re almost done! We just need to verify your account before you can start using it, your phone number written just below of it. There is option “How should we send you codes? Options are Text messages (SMS) or voice call, if you go for Text one a code will be send to your phone number while if you go for voice call, an automated call will come just pickup that call she/he will speak some numerical number just keep them in mind. After selecting click on continue button, now enter your verification code and click on continue button, now you are eligible to enjoy the services of best email provider in the World.</p><div><p>In case if you didn’t receive your code after 15 minutes try again. Now I know you all are thinking that it’s too simple to use, now you can sign in any of your Google account by using your this username and password.</p></div><p>Best thing is that Google is the platform which provides these type of free services from this login credential you can login Google various services like Google+, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play, Google News, Google Drive, Calendar. I hope this article helps you. I tried my best to explain you, if you still not able to create your Gmail account you comment here I will personally help you to create your own account.</p><p>Now you can login to your Gmail Account – follow this guide</p><p>Accessing your Gmail account or sing in is so easy and secure. Above we told you how to make Gmail account now<br />login to your account with the same email address and password which you used during sign up.</p><p>Generally Gmail sign in is so easy, it ask your email and password but in the back-end, Google automatically detect if you or someone trying to access Gmail account from different location it ask for the security question if the<br />password entered incorrect.</p><div><p>STEPS TO GMAIL LOGIN</p></div><ul><li>All you need to type in your browser.</li></ul><ul><li>Once you have reached to your Gmail sign in page you will see a login form, exactly shows below.</li><li>Now you need to enter your registered Gmail id and password in order to correctly sign in.</li><li>After entering the details click sign in.</li></ul><ul><li>As soon as you click on sign in button, you will be redirect to email interface.</li></ul><ul><li>If you forget your Gmail password follow the simple steps of <a href="">Gmail password recovery</a>.</li></ul><p>Stay tuned with us as more useful sources to come very soon.</p>