Gmail Login Guide to gmail sign in account: Gmail Sign in

Login Gmail Sign in Sign Up: Create Gmail Account

Login Gmail Sign in Sign Up: Create Gmail Account 

  With millions of active users all over the world, Gmail is one of the pioneers among the other email service platforms like Yahoo mail, Hotmail etc. A look at the evolution of Gmail will give you a better idea about the reliability and capacity of this amazing email platform. It was in 2004, Gmail was developed by Google. However, it was given a public visibility only on February 7, 2007. Since then till now, every feature of Gmail is unique and Google is the in the continuous effort to update the features and storage space in Gmail for enabling more convenience to the people in a better way!

The Google Apps suite was introduced in 2009 and this gave more exclusive features and facilities for its users to use many applications. Initially the storage space on Gmail was with 1 GB, later when there was an increased demand and more users, Google increased the storage space in the latter years up to 15 GB. Currently the free storage space on Gmail is 15 GB. However, it is not limited to that. If you are a business concern or even at the personal account of yours need more storage space, you to have to go anywhere else. Yes, you can extend your Gmail account storage space to more than 15 GB by paying a subscription fee to them on a monthly basis.

In the year 2012, Google came up with another amazing feature for Gmail, which is none other that Google Drive. This is such a confidential and permanent storage space within your Gmail account, in which you will be able to store and retrieve your files or folders for further references. Any time when you access your Gmail account through Gmail Login, you can access to Google drive.

It was in 2014, even more popular features has been introduced in Gmail, which is he first appof Google-Google play store. Using this amazing app, you will be able to find millions of android applications that can be useful in different ways. You can also avail Google play store in your android mobile devices, from where numerous free and paid Android apps can be downloaded in an easy way!

During 2013, you were provided with yet another new feature by google in Gmail, which is Google+ photos. This forms as your album to store and view your pictures. Using this feature, you can not only upload thousand of photos, but also share it to the whole world.

Looking at these amazing features of Google, don’t you now feel like creating a Gmail account for free? It’s easy and simple and takes no time to build! You just have to follow the below steps to get a account in a couple of seconds!

Here is the step-by-step procedure to create a free Gmail account for you:

Go to Use any of your convenient browser and type the address, . Once you do the same, you will be taken to the sign up page. Don’t be confused with “Sign up” and “Sign in”. Sing in is possible only when you have a Gmail account already. Hence, at the initial stage when you are about to create the account, you have to skip Sing in and click on “Sign up”

Sign up Option: Yes, you need to choose this option to create a new account. When you give a click on this icon, you will be automatically redirected to a new webpage, which shows an option to “create an account”. When you click on this one, a form will be popped up, where you need to fill in all the details that is asked for.

Fill in your name: This is the first requirement in the form. You have to put both your first and last name. If you skip any of it, you will not take you to the next box. Hence, this is a mandatory one.

Select a username: Yes, in this step, you are supposed to choose a username as per your wish, this need not to be your own name. It can be anything you like to put as your identification in the email address. After putting a username, Gmail will check its availability. If your username is not available, it will give you choices of usernames from which you can select one In case you wish to put a new username that is also possible. If your username is shown as available, you can go ahead with the next step.

Select a Password: if you are done with a username, you are now required to set a password for your account. A password can be something, better a combination of numbers and alphabets. It’s not mandatory though. You have to type 8 characters password for Google to approve your password. However, you should not put any gaps in the beginning and the ending of your password. It is possible in the middle of the characters. And no usage of symbols.


Confirm your password: After putting the password in the above box, you are now required to confirm it. This is to ensure more protection. Here, you have to put the same password as mentioned in the above box. Any change in the same, will be given an alert of it by Gmail.

Put Date of Birth: In this box, you have to put your DOB. Mention the right one so that if in case you couldn’t access your Gmail account in future, it can be easy to find out using your proper DOB.

Put your Gender: In this box, you have to select your gender (Male or Female) from the drop down box.

Give your contact number: This is the next step, which is actually optional. However, it is highly recommended to give your contact details as it will give your Gmail account more safe and secure from any hacking.

Alternate Email address: In this box, if you have any alternative existing email address, you can give the same. This is also a security measure to protect your Gmail account from any type of unauthorized access. Also, when you forget the password of your Gmail account when you try to do Gmail login next time. This alternative email address will help you to retrieve your Gmail password.

Verification code: This is the next step in which you will shown a verification code. All you need is to enter this verification code in the given box below. If you are opting out from this option, you will be sent a verification code to the mobile number given there. Just enter that code in the box given and proceed to the next step.

Choose your location: In this step, you need to choose your current location from the drop down box. Most of the times, it will be shown there automatically.

Check in Google terms of service and privacy policy: This is the next step where you need to check in on the option given “Google terms of service and privacy policy”. By this, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Google. By clicking on it only, you will be taken to the next step.

Introductory page of services: When you click on the next step, you will be taken to the introductory page of service, where you need to click on “I am ready to use my account.

Gmail Login: You will be now able to go to Gmail Login page and it’s done!