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Gmail help

Gmail sign up, signup, Gmail register stepbystep

Having a account is almost a prerequisite today. Yes, there are other email facilities and then there is Google! The benefits of a Google account far exceed those provided by Gmail; you get access to all the apps offered by Google. But you need not use all of them if you do not want to; using just Gmail is also possible.

When you sign up for Gmail, you are automatically eligible to use all the other services of Google. You have to activate some of them, while others are automatically activated for you.

When you sign up Gmail, you are asked basic questions. Not all of these questions need to be answered mandatorily, but it is recommended that you answer all of them so that Google can optimize your Gmail experience.


Gmail signup step by step
gmail-login page
  1. Open the Gmail homepage. This can be done by entering "" or "" in the address bar of your browser.
  2. Look out for the for the "Create an account" button on the top right hand side corner of the page that opens. Click on the button and enter the relevant information requested by Google.
  3. Agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and your account is ready.
The information requested by Google is basic and is needed so that your Gmail experience can be smooth. Each of the displayed fields are described below.
gmail sign up form

How to Sign up for Gmail?

First and Last Name

The name that you provide will be displayed to the people that you send emails to. Without an appropriate name, the individuals receiving emails form you will not know they are from you. You refer the Google Privacy Policy to see whom will this information be available to. You can make appropriate changes in your settings once you have created your account.

This name will also be associated with the content you create on the various Google apps and services. You can personalize all your content this way.


Your username is the first thing that you need to access your Gmail account. Many individuals can have the same first and last names; the username distinguishes each of these people. This username will your Gmail address, e.g. ‘’.

You can use alphabets, numbers and periods while coining your username; no other special symbols are allowed. It is not case-sensitive and hence you may use all small letters for it. You do not have to necessarily incorporate your name in your username, but most users choose to do so for recognition.

As a result, many of the usernames that you want may already be taken. To help with this, Google offers suggestions about available usernames. You can browse through them, choose one, or keep trying till you can come up with an available username that suits you.

You may also use your current email address as your username if you do not want a new Gmail address.


A password is the second piece of information that you shall need to access your Gmail account once you sign up for it. This information is supposed to be kept safe and secure, otherwise your account may be misused.

Your password has to be eight characters long. You may use capital as well as small letters, numbers and symbols in it. You should know that the Gmail password is case-sensitive and if you are using both capital and small letters, you should remember their sequence correctly. Gmail has a meter that tells you the strength of your password. If the strength is weak, you password may be guessed easily by others. Try and make your password as strong as possible so that your account remains secure.

Do not reveal your password to anybody store it in a secure location where it may not be accessed by anybody else.

Confirm password

You have to re-type your password in this tab. When you do this, Google matches both your passwords for consistency. Without this stage, it is possible for you to make a typo while entering your password and thus be unable to access your account.


Gmail makes it mandatory for all its users to share their date of birth. In this way, Google would be able to make age appropriate content available for its users. This information is not shared with any of the recipients of your emails.

Once you enter your birthday, you will not be able to change it later in the settings of your account.


Gmail asks for your gender only to make sure it uses correct pronouns when displaying messages on content that you have shared. If in case you do not wish to share your gender or do not identify with the options given, you may choose the ‘other’ option. When you do so, Gmail will only use gender neutral terms to describe you.

Mobile phone

It is optional to provide your phone number when creating your Gmail account. But it is highly desirable that you do. If in case you forget your password or are unable to access your Gmail account for whatever reason, you can have the reset information sent to your mobile number.

If you provide an active mobile number, you can even opt for the two step verification process of Gmail. You can read about it in the account settings.

Current email address

This is optional again. You may register your current email address here if you have one. This will be used for recovery purposes. If you do not have one, you may leave this section blank.

Visual verification

For this, you will need to enter the numeric or alpha-numeric code shown on screen. If you cannot not read it, you can have it refreshed. If in case you do not want to enter this verification, you may skip it, but you might have to verify your account through your mobile phone.


You will need to enter your location for the knowledge of Google so that it can further personalize your account.

Agree to Term of Service and Privacy Policy

Check the final box to agree to all the Gmail policies. You shall find links where you can read them.

The basic Gmail sign up process is now complete.

Infographic Gmail sign up

gmail-sign-up infographic

To start sending and receiving emails, use this account to sign in to Gmail.

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