Fujitsu Tablet PC’s - Planing a release of a 7? Android Tablet

Fujitsu Tablet PC’s - Planing a release of a 7? Android Tablet

Introduction: A New Fujitsu Tablet computer: Expanding their manufacturer product line It was recently announced that this major electronics manufacture/Japanese notebook brand, Fujitsu, launched its new 10.1? Windows 7-based tablet. This Fujitsu Pc tablet is named the LifeBook TH40/D. It will be shipping on the United states of america, Japan and Europe. Fujitsu also announced that they're preparing an Android-based 7-inch Fujitsu Tablet PC. Fujitsu will announce later in Q3 of 2011.

There are only a couple of details released about this Fujistu Tablet computer operated by Android. However it is anticipated to be priced between $350 - $700. We have been quite sure the tablet will be based on Android Honeycomb. It may also have much the same specs to the Honeycomb-based tablets currently on the market. Fujitsu also mentioned how the manufacturing of the best ebook reader app for android could be outsourced to Taiwan. It is interesting that Fujitsu is releasing a lower-end or even a cheaper model. Most of the other offerings are already costlier. Models much like the Lifebook TH700 and Lifebook T900 may be considerably more expensive.

Fujitsu also announced a fresh 12-inch LifeBook P-series notebooks for the Japanese markets. Additionally they intend to introduce stylus support as well as a 3.5G model to the 10.1-inch LifeBook Fujitsu Tablet.

We now have always admired Fujitsu Tablet PC’s so a product released in the marketplace. So seeing goods that will be more price-friendly should make many consumers available happy.

It ought to be interesting what Fujitsu’s competitors anticipate doing in the foreseeable future too. Like Fujitsu, Toshiba, Samsung, while others won't just stand idly by.

Ensure that you return right here at for all you latest news for the Pc tablet market. We will provide multiple updates on this fascinating market. This Fujitsu Pc tablet is going to be long awaited.

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