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Migraine Headache Treatment Denver Chiropractor Co

Migraine is considered as a psychosomatic disorder which may be caused due to various factors. Studies are still ongoing to find the exact cause of Migraine. Continue reading about Migraine headache treatment Denver Chiropractor Co. The causes of Migraine can be classified as physical, psychological, biological and environmental factors. It is essential for a Medical practitioner to identify the possible causes of Migraine in order to provide the best treatment.

The factors that influence Migraine on a constant basis are often termed as “Triggers”. The sufferer has to avoid such triggers to prevent from constant headaches.

Genetic factor

Studies have shown that hereditary factors play a vital role in causing Migraine. A person may have a greater chance of being affected by Migraine if both of his parents are Migraineurs. A Research done by the Department of Neurology, Glostrup Hospital, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), lists out the key findings as:

a) First degree relatives of the Migraineur have a great chance of being affected by Migraine.
b) Two types of Migraine: Migraine with Aura (visual disturbance) and Migraine without Aura
c) Migraine without Aura is influenced by both the genetic factors as well as environmental factors
d) Migraine with Aura is highly influenced by genetic factors.

Hormone changes

Many Studies have revealed that hormonal fluctuations could be the possible cause of Migraine. Hormonal changes in Women may be due to pregnancy, menstruation or menopause. The drop in estrogen level is considered as the leading cause of Migraine also known as a menstrual migraine. Boys and Girls have the same rate of risk to be affected by Migraine till the puberty period. But after this period, the chance of being affected by Migraine is increased for females.

Excessive Stress

It is believed that excessive stress can lead to Migraine. When we are stressed, the blood vessels in our body get contracted and after some time it may trigger reactions such as vomiting or throbbing pain in our forehead.

Food substances

Certain food substances have found to be the triggers of Migraine in many Individuals. Red Wine, Coffee or Cheese tops the list of such Migraine-Triggers. Once an Individual has found that a particular food triggers Migraine, he has to avoid that food to escape from similar Migraine attacks in future.

Environmental factors

At times, Migraine attack may be triggered due to environmental factors such as change in weather (low temperature), fluctuation of barometric pressure, strong odour and sharp noises. Some suffer from Migraine (aura) because of exposure to bright lighting which may be either due to the natural or artificial source. It is believed that Migraine with Aura is caused due to some unknown chemical reactions in our brain.

Sleeping pattern

Lack of Sleep, disturbed sleep or early awakening are some of the leading triggers of Migraine for many Migraine sufferers. If such is the case, the sufferer needs to maintain a schedule for his sleep and should strictly adhere to it.

Denver Chiropractor Co Treatment for Migraine headache

Dr. Glenn – Denver Chiropractor Co, with his specialist knowledge and skills, examines the spine and nervous system. This way he learns the origin of the deviation. The aim of the treatments is to improve an incorrect body posture, increase the mobility of the spine and restore the function of the irritated nerves. Denver Chiropractor tries to correct abnormalities in the spinal column by means of treatment. This is done by putting pressure on the joint with the hands. This restores the freedom of movement of the joint and reduces the pain. By properly maintaining the spine, the chance of recurrence decreases and the patient retains optimal freedom of movement.

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