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Why is SportGlam trend so good

If you follow celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and so many more, you probably have noticed their interesting fashion combinations which are a mashup between Sporty clothes such as hoodies, sweat pants, Workout crop tops and high heels, gold chains, Balenciaga and other very glam stuff.
In this blog post, we will try to understand what is the appeal of this interesting mix and how can we adopt the same.
Lets start with the inspiration behind it, wich is more than obviously 90s hip-hop and R&B scene when similar style was popular.
The appeal both now and then was in the ''new rich'' type of dressing that was promoted – everyone can look rich with just a little bit of glam.
Huge amounts of jewellery mixed with sporty clothes and makeup for a night out is what makes this style so interesting, but at the same time controversial – you are comfortably dressed, your body is looking good and you have put together lady. What is controversial about this style is that not everyone likes Sportswear mixed with glam- some find it hypocritical, but come on, are we really supposed to care about opinions that restrict our personality in such ways?
What i love the most about this style coming to life once again is the plethora of design modifications it brought to sportswear itself – blanket scarf, turtle neck, monochrome sweatshirts , i mean come on, who would not love that?
One of the designers that put this style to a whole new level is David Koma. His SS14  and Fall2017 collections had amazing mashup between sporty and glamorous.
What SportGlam has to offer that others don't is the freedom to be two things at the same time and to have so much fun with fashion, wich you will agree with me is an important thing. Having fun with fashion, as a result, creates new trends – today SportGlam is tomorrow's history!
Despite the intimidating word ''Glam'' this style is actually quite affordable – i mean we all know glam can be faked anyway and still look absolutely amazing, don't we now?
Designer Jeremy Scott presented his Fall RTW 2017 collection in New York where we can see SportGlam presented with a goofy and vibrant twist.
Jay Ahr is another designer that is fond of combining sporty and glam, creating the beautiful style of SportGlam . His approach is more minimalist than Jeremy Scotts, he is fonder on monochrome colors and straight shapes.
SportGlam is inevitable in street style, especially adored in New York where you can see plenty of young women strutting their Balenciaga's with their nikies , backpacks with high heels – furr coats and sweatpants – the hecticity of the style is what makes it so interesting to observe and actually try on.
Personally, i find its reappearance on our fashion scene quite refreshing after the rule of glam style for couple of seasons, with body cons and peplum dresses, a good pair of sweats and high eels seems new and just right.