Faivish Pewzner

About Faivish Pewzner

Faivish Pewzner is a well-organized and challenge-driven chief operating officer of The Americare Companies. In the society he is recognized for being a person with extensive expertise in the medical industry.
This Brooklyn native was born 1956. In the years following his graduation from Brooklyn college, he realized himself as a dynamic and results-driven professional. Pewzner is skilled at providing superior customer service, while creating a distinguished career by leading the clinical operations within Americare. Among the colleagues he is regarded as a highly qualified professional with a passion for patient safety and quality.

With superb interpersonal skills Mr. Pewzner is able to:
  • effectively collaborate with management and coworkers;
  • build a positive and cohesive work environment;
  • embrace new challenges;
  • and contribute to the organization’s overall success.

His skills include:
  • Community Relations;
  • Program Development;
  • Grant Administration;
  • Contract Negotiations;
  • Financial Budgeting;
  • Project Management;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Multi-Site Operations Management
For more information about him, visit the interview on Inspirery.

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