Faivish Pewzner

New caregivers for the elderly are needed every day

As a result of the demographic aging process, the number of elderly people who need help and care at home is growing. Faivish Pewzner, chief operating officer of the Americare Companies explains that their analysis show a growing number of families who need elderly care. This analysis does not show whether a single member needs care for themselves or an entire family needs care for a member of their family.

Following the up-to-date trends, the need for professional and certified nursing care is bigger. Verified caregivers for the elderly are harder to find, since most of the densely populated areas have higher rates of elderly population. Also, people in these areas tend to hire more experienced caregivers.

This is why Faivish Pewzner urges the state to increase the number of training grounds, where new talents will be trained. He proposes this training to be carried out by experts with many years of scientific and practical experience. Having already a deficit in such personnel, he proposes that these experts have proven experience and will to work in small groups with up to 10 people. 
The trainings should consist of 4 modules, over a compact period of 4 months (consisting of theory, practice and workplace training). Through this program, participants can acquire practical and theoretical knowledge and skills for effective care of the elderly. Upon completion of the educational part, these caregiver-beginners will be tested for their knowledge and skills. After as successful passing of the test, the participants will acquire a certificate for working with elderly (nursing or care giving). The persons will be recognized by all care giving institutions as "Caregiver the elderly", with their certified documents, and should be able to work in every care giving institution as well as on private home care needs.

Here are the 4 modules, proposed by Faivish:

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