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Eva Visnjic

Eva Visnjic, Author

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Eva Visnjic: Paintbrushes are an Artist’s Essential Tool

A craftsman must know how to use his tools in order to build a house, so it is only logic that an artist should also understand how to use his tools to paint a great painting. Some people inspire you naturally with their acts of kindness, with their passion and their talent. One of those people with incredible appetite for life is watercolor painter Eva Visnjic.  This artist uses unconventional mediums and skills to portray her love of art. For Eva, watercolor is one of the simplest and purest forms of fine art. All you need is some paints, water, a brush and paper. However, she also stresses that this is also one of the hardest mediums to master. 

According to this artist, when it comes to art, where there is an idea, there is a way to express it. Her works are inspired by many things found in nature. Land art is one of her site-specific works for which she is widely known. American artist Eva Visnjic often brings art outdoors by choosing a specific place and placing her canvas. 

As seen from her portfolio projects, Eva fully embraced watercolor for her landscapes, seascapes and scenes of everyday life, using watercolor as a means of exploring the intense colors and light. For a long time, this artist has been interested in the subtler qualities of light, and was looking to discover how they could be useful in depicting the place of the everyday American experience. From time to time, she likes to experiment with her tools and techniques. Painting with drypoint watercolors is something that she has been using more recently. It is quite convenient for outdoor painting, as it doesn’t require that much water.
As an art medium, watercolor has been around since the birth of painting, but it didn’t really take off until the Renaissance period. For some time to come, watercolor remained a minor discipline within the painting world. All of that changed when famous English poet and artist William Blake rediscovered it and popularized it illustrative power with his hand-color etchings.

Usually, when artists first start painting, they tend to underestimate the importance of choosing the right paintbrush. As an experienced artist, Visnjic has learned long time ago, not to make this fundamental mistake. For her paintings she normally uses several different brushes, with different qualities and performances.

Although every brush has its own place and importance, when it comes to watercolor painting, fan brush is probably the one brush that has to be found in every artist tool kit. The material that the paint brush hairs are made of, the way the hairs are bunched together, their length and shape all affect the characteristics of the brush. 

The Fan paintbrush is made of a thin layer of bristles, spread out in the shape of a fan which allows multiple flowing strands in a single stroke. This brush is generally used for blending and feathering colors, for painting trees, branches, grasses and detail. If you are an artist, or you are considering painting, Eva Visnjic strongly recommends experimenting not only with your brushes but with different techniques as well, until you find the one that truly reflects you vision.
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